Top official says: We SHOULDN’T have listened to pandemic SCIENTISTS?

A stunning statement about the lockdowns from one of the highest ranking Government Officials in the UK. Will others also start having regrets?

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. Dr. Dhand. Can you comment on how many deaths occurred from not cleaning the ventilators rather than Covid although they were reported " died from covid" ? Some people who worked in respiratory has made comments refuting the report that all those people died from Covid. The belief is that many of the Covid deaths were in actuality due to not cleaning the ventilator hoses causing bacteria build up.

  2. It's still going on…the California legislature is right now trying to pass a law that allows for revocation of medical licenses for Drs who say or practice what they deem to be "misinformation".

  3. It’s somewhat surprising given it has been long ago established fact that health and lockdowns do have direct correlations. As a result of the long lockdowns and added stress levels, job insecurity, sleep deprivation, multiple deferred other medical treatments which are currently being reflected in the global,10-15% increase in deaths,etc.. As most governments elected to print money to support the lockdown activities we now have global recessions looming due to the build up, of inflationary pressures, which will continue to extrapolate the ongoing effects of the pandemic for years to come.

  4. so true… they have ruined my life… same as doctorates with no spacial skills, no manual skills, no practical skills, also those who have come through to high positions via sheltered environments the whole of their lives, I am an advocate of a well rounded education.

  5. We shouldnt have listend to communists from China when they told the communist Todros Adnahom in WHO that the world should be a 2020 version of east-germany , where communists told it was needed to build a wall and shoot anyone that wanted to travel. And the world shouldnt have llistened to all the communists all arould the globe, that told the population we had to have communismn. The real pandemic is communist-brain plague, and the cure is shown to us by communists.

  6. I agree that many of the people in charge of the pandemic weren’t and currently aren’t critical thinkers. Sadly, citizens were used by politicians and scientists who hadn’t prepared for a pandemic. We still haven’t a thorough plan for the numerous upcoming ones. Currently, the U.S. is confused from Biden telling us of the horrors of sickness coming in the fall, yet seeing nothing being put in place to handle the combined COVID + Influenza + Monkeypox + Polio possible combined outbreaks. We’re tired of submitting to thrown together vaccines. As an American citizen, I don’t trust our capitalistic leader with his big pharmaceutical companies and Military Industrial Complex companies profiting off sufferings of others. America has allowed too many degenerates to lie and buy their way into high places. Look at the energy dilemma the U.S. has gotten Europe into with our war by proxy as American hospitals are overwhelmed by COVID patients.🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. I TRIED Amy best to share the TRUTH, kept getting locked up in FB jail..over 27 times…for saying the word I just say quack shot, there’s NOTHING thwy can do…please share these podcasts, people…I’m an RN, and I KNEW better…no way I’d take part in a mass quack damn way..I’d leave my job….3/7 people in my family have died within a month of DX a of cancer all their their bodies…IM PISSED!!! a I have a video on my phone of Prez Biden saying if you take the vaccine, you will not get Covid..I also have a video of him threatening the unvaccinated with no real freedom’s, that he was TIRED of the. On compliance of people TYRANNICAL NUT JOB???????? u damn right he is..

  8. Dr Dhand , your informed and common sense approach is extraordinary in todays insanity driven society .
    I hope you’ll consider leadership roles .
    You and others like you are desperately needed . In the medical profession and in government positions .
    We need better leaders with an informed and practical approach . No agendas . A desire for the common good . You’re my choice !

  9. This is what happened when you rely on IA, computer modeling where they predict on what happening now, which can change tomorrow. Only God knows the future, starti g from next sec, next min and so on. Rely on God plan. Meaning staying natural as possible, like hiw God create everything. He is the best planner! We are on test everyday! whorship God, listen to your gut ( it's God inspiration)not pseudo-science( they need grants to survive). Eat natural, exercice, take care of your old parents, the blessings came as well from them.

  10. Since I began watching your videos I’ve noticed a positive change in your face. Most specifically your eyes. Your eyes look so happy and bright now! Like, as if something reeeeally good is coming through them. These micro expressions I’m noticing cannot be faked. I’ve sooo rarely ever seen what I’m seeing in your eyes. I’ve only ever seen this a handful of times, before. It’s similar to ‘duper’s delight’ but it isn’t at all evil. Its the exact opposite of duper’s delight. It’s more like ‘helper’s delight’ or ‘knower’s delight’, or something like that.

    Thanks Doc!🌼💚

  11. My personal opinion. Anyone familiar with the Rockerfeller Lockstep and Agenda 21 etc…knows that the "response" to this plandemic was no mistake. It was intentionally corrupt. It was planned at least a decade in advance (probably more) and not based on science, but $$$ and control. Not sure if you can still find it online, but masks, distancing, untested "vaccines" and lockdowns were all part of the deal.
    This is not over. CBDC and digital ID's are still on the horizon. We are not out of the woods yet!
    If you do not know Jesus, now is a good time! Read Revelation 13.

  12. I still don't like the term or have respect for the title "expert".

    If doctors or scientists can't look outside the box then they are nowhere near "expert" status. The have an educated opinion on one small topic only like the rest of humanity. These doctors should not be making complete policy decisions NOR medical decisions!!!! Mothers can quickly outperform most doctors on the whole care of their child.

    Doctors and scientists have been given respect and honor that they never earned. Too many people in the last handful of decades have become doctors for money and reputation points only.

    "Trust the experts".

    Ha! The "experts" were morons and following the "experts" can get you killed. This was true before covid too.

    "Expert" is a marketing/branding term only. Doctors buy and sell their "expert" branding not their expertise. Doctors are to be uses as consultants ONLY. They are not the boss. Doctors can be hired or fired quickly. Medical mandates and kidnapping happen when people buy into their expert branding and without any consideration as to the worth of their expertise.

    Expertise is only an educated opinion. Someone's opinion should never have authority over anyone. Forcing ones opinion onto others is discrimination, bigotry, tyranny. The "experts" would have known this had they been more than the "expert" branding they bought for themselves.

  13. "Trust the experts",
    "I'm with science",
    "the science is settle",
    "kill the anti-vaxxers before they kill us all"

    were all parotted by "medical professionals" smart enough enough to learn the propaganda but not smart enough to question it.

  14. Completely ineffective, corrupt, unrepresentative governments is how we get such crazy, detrimental policies. We need to ditch these tyrants and return to God’s natural law as sovereign individuals. I do not consent to contract with these corporate entities posing as representative governments.

  15. Isn't it too late for Mr.R.Sunak to say that.when people vote you in to represent and speak out 4 the people.From day one alot of different sectors had voice their concerns regarding the mandate of vaccines and lock down.But the so call Government refused listen to them.They were arrogant ,has no common sense in them does not matter what higher degree they have .They lead the country in the wrong directions.Had this Government learnt to listen to the majority of the voices it would not come to this crises.Alot of people lost their jobs, people died where their loves one won't allow to pay their last respect.
    The whole lots should resign for their incompetent ,as usual none of them will apologise for their mistakes.Bad politicians causes the downfall of the country and suffering of the people.A good politician will listen to others opinion and open to all sides before a final decision make..But not in this covid 19 case.The few good ones spoke out but was silenced.
    Science of today is more political motivate.Not the real science in the olden days.May God save us and bless this country.
    Thanks Dr.Dhand,keep up the good work..

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