Top Staffers Blame Bernie For Losing Campaign

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  1. I'm neither a liberal nor a progressive, but I love your channel and your show. You and your team are honest, independent, smart and genuinely funny. // Trump was an independent who set out to take over a party, had a plan to do it, and followed that plan perfectly. He made adjustments and fired failing advisers when needed. He exposed, humiliated and destroyed first his Republican opponents, and then HRC, in front of the whole world. Sanders was an independent who tried to take over a party (twice) but had no idea what he was doing and no guts. He folded in front of HRC, Biden, and the whole world.

  2. Sanders never mention that Bloomberg closed dozen hospitals in NYC during his 12 years tenure. During this pandemic was so easy for Sanders to shine but no, he stepped down and supported the Biden !!!!

  3. I'm hoping every day that there will be a moment… an epiphany…. when Jimmy Dore realizes that there IS no politician who will ever bring about the world he desires. And EVEN IF they enact every program he desires, it will be in name only, the overwhelming bulk of which will go straight to benefit the friends and politically-connected cohorts of the ruling class.

  4. Im getting real tired of people making excuses for Bernie and his failure as a "revolutionary" and them pretending as if he were ever a real threat to power.

    He has lied to everyone. Aaron gives him an out by saying that no one wants to take on the establishment. Fair enough observation.

    The problem is that Bernie led everyone to believe that he would. He went out of his way to present himself as a revolutionary, co opting the potential for one and deliberately channeling it back into the elite sociopathic party of the DNC.

    Bernie could have just shut up and been a boring politician while real revolutionaries moved to the forefront of the national narrative. But he didnt. He pretended that he would be that person.

    I dont think people fully realize how harmful someone like Bernie is to a real movement aimed at root level change. The left needs to move on from figures like Bernie and what he represents.

  5. It’s so true, I would have certainly voted for Bernie over Trump AGAIN this November, but weighted with the realization that the equally corrupt left side of our single party is gonna prop up poor senile Joe!? I’m gonna have to vote for Trump this time…

  6. Going against Russia is a left wing program stop blaming right for excuses. And the US will never accept progressive movement. So move to a progressive country.

  7. The Senate is the biggest cesspool club in Washington. There is this phony “civility” that they afford each other no matter what the party . Bernie didn’t attack Biden or Hillary for that matter because they were part of the club. Washington disgusts me on so many ways but the Senate is the elitist bastion or cronyism, and corruption. It is the foundation that all is built on.

  8. Bernie could beat Trump and the Democrats knew this. The Democrats would then have to face Prez Bernie’s socialist ideology and that’s an even bigger problem.

    Joe Biden can’t win therefore the Democrats in Congress can continue to fight President Trump. The Democrats have saved face.

  9. Bernie Sanders is a loser…he never wanted or expected to win, anything. He likes to be controversial and pretend he’s credible but ultimately plays the victim card or look for a suitable excuse. He’s so disingenuous, you can smell it from a mile away.

  10. Why isn't it clear to Jimmy and Aaron that the establishment and the media are against Bernie and Trump? I bet a lot of Trump supporters would join up with a new populist party.