Top Trump Official Issues WARNING, Leftist Revolt Is Coming, Democrats Will NOT Concede The Election

Top Trump Official Issues WARNING, Leftist Revolt Is Coming, Democrats Will NOT Concede The Election. Michael Caputo warned his Facebook friends to stock up on ammo because Joe biden will not concede.

This view exists on both sides democrat and republican left and right. Neither Trump nor Biden will concede if they lose and once they refuse the chaos begins.

Perhaps this is the ramblings of a mad mad, or perhaps its someone with insider knowledge. Caputo of course did not present evidence other than his opinion but the bigger issue is that both side believes the other is evil, wrong, or cheating and no one will back down.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. This page alone proves that the Media and the Democrats are trying to make the public believe it is Trump that is the one that will loose and to count your cookies before ready is making me think they are up to No Good I asked what would happen if Trump won and Biden wouldn't step aside and it came up with the opposite like no one would consider it.

  2. BLM LEADERS ARE SELF-DESCRIBED “TRAINED MARXISTS”!! That’s what BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullers said in an interview.
    The Democrats DEFEND the anarchists
    The news media COVERS for the anarchists

  3. There is somewhat of a Line in the Sand the right is trying to save the children the left is trying to maintain power so they can continue to sacrifice children. How much more of a line in the sand do you have to draw.

  4. Kamala is egging her soldiers on their her Soldier she's egging them on if she wants to be vice president / president God help us all. Law & Order is the only way is there any man perfect know but for this time Trump is the one doing things that would help this country it's just that people fight him tooth and nail for no good reason. Is it a republican Democrat thing he'll know they're all bad it's an independent thing now The Independents are in charge and that other sites are having a cow because they want their power back.