Topher Field Chats with David Limbrick about Policies, Intentions and Repercussions

Topher Field chats with David Limbrick on government policies usually do not have there desired intentions which causes unforeseen repercussions. This is a short extract from a full slow chat on the 2nd September 2021.

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  1. I spoke with a person on the weekend about vaccination.
    They wanted to enforce it into peoples arms.
    I asked them, does their vaccine work?
    I followed up with, if we both needed a tetanus shot, from a rusty metal cut, would their tetanus shot work if I didn’t t get one?
    Clearly their tetanus shot only works when it’s forced into other bodies?
    They went silent and walked away.
    Clearly their medical choice was theirs until I pointed out their hypocrisy.

  2. How about those who chose to take it, chose to stay home until they get it. Stop forcing others to do shit because you're all weak as piss. A limp wristed "freedom polli" is worse than the authoritarian.

  3. We know several Doctors and nurses who simply cannot work because of their (Covid) vaccination status. Fully vaccinated otherwise. The Doctors can consult from home via Zoom but not so with nurses. So sad as they are dedicated and loved their jobs.

  4. I worked for a well known suicide crisis support helpline and from the earliest days of this so-called pandemic it was clear that government policy (spearheading media fear-porn, encouraging social media censorship, banning off-label treatments that work, endorsing medical censorship and treatment interference, masks, lockdowns, mandates etc) was causing a great deal more harm, trauma and mental health breakdown than the virus for which there happens to be over 99% survival rate! The government (all of the majors!) are entirely responsible for the harm done. Shame on them all!! 😡🤬😡

  5. Massive elction fraud. Find reports from scrutineers on social media and COMPLAIN to the AEC.Then eventually THE PEOPLE (us) must see to it that the AEC is held to account.

  6. So finally the stat's about mental illness, self harm and suicide since covid lockdowns are coming out??, the ppl that spread this narrative on why lockdowns were good argued this and said it wasn't true cause the data didn't support it.

  7. The most effective weapon of the enemy is demoralising the soldier on the ground. Get them to drop their weapons and stop fighting. Let's not lose heart. It's only one battle. The war is still waging against us and our children.

  8. The only thing with the “free choice” to take this “vaccine” is that we don’t have long term trial. It’s experimental, remember. So the side effects are not necessarily restricted to those who have made that personal choice. Eg blacking out while driving – potential hazard to others.

  9. Regarding Mental Health issues overloading hospitals. One approach that could alleviate some of this pressure is if Medicare funded Mental Health Plans recognised Counsellors & Psychotherapists as beneficial options for people to get into see for help rather than only Psychologists which are incurring enormous wait lists.

  10. The vast majority of Australians are not interested in freedom the same way you are, they are interested in a big and powerful state. It makes people feel safe. Nothing is going back to normal, in fact the state is going to infringe more and more, because the vast majority people want it.

  11. We’ve had Labor politicians stating that, “quarantine camps are also for the unjabbed” on one occasion and on another that, “patients will be vaccinated opportunistically if admitted into a hospital”.
    It is my choice to not be an experimental object! I just pray that I don’t fall and break a hip or something!

    But what now? No one has mentioned the mandates since the election!

  12. Housing affordability – more than JWH, the GFC and loose, profligate money policy allowed for price inflation. Low interest rates led to buyers borrowing more and pushing up prices. Low interest rates are a boon for the big banks, which turnover more profit more quickly when rates are lower.

  13. I swear something feels off about this election, either the vast majority of the population are still obedient to the 2 party system or somethings a little suss. I don't move around political circles, but the vast majority of people who I talked to were all about not voting for the Major Parties.. And usually you would hear far more people say "Ill vote Labor because I was told it was the lesser evil". Maybe Australia really is dumb, deaf and blind.

  14. Thank you , I needed to watch something. The election so depressed me. Maybe it was a mistake to focus so much on the federal election. In Victoria, people seem to have been able to bracket out what happened in 2020 and 2021. At the end ofthe year it will be possible to focus exclusively on Andrews' record and the awful legacy which you discuss.

  15. They break your legs then han you a crutch and say… aren't you glad we're here for you.
    All on purpose. They work together. There's others above giving orders. This election is a clear example. Scrutineers are reporting back with the preference voting only going to labor or liberal. They make damned sure they stay in power and you will not ever get power back. They are following orders. You two know this. You know this. But you're too scared to say anthing, aren't you.
    They want this reset and tgey will do whatever it takes to make it happen. That's! Their orders.

  16. i ended up in ballarat ER for an injury and took 7 hours to be seen to. my partner has been getting chest pains since the clot shot shot and having palpitations, she was administered with chest pains and told she'd be seen within 30 minutes. four and a half hours later we were still waiting, went and asked the nurse and they said no idea how long and but there is 4 people in front of you and an ambulance coming in, it was one in the morning by this stage and my partner just wanted to go so we left. fucking shambles

  17. I've seen numerous claims online of AEC corruption and votes being illegally manipulated. Do you believe that these hold any water? Or are they just trolls seeking to cause confusion and fake information?

  18. My child is one of those children presenting with self harm. Into the 3rd year now and has hardly gone to school. Being on suicide watch for a child is one thing I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

  19. I know I am going to get shot down for saying this but is it really necessary to smoke a cigar and drink alcohol during any interview but especially when speaking about the broken health system. It's not a good look.

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