Topher Field chats with Rukshan

Topher Field chats with Rukshan about Australian people taking things for granted and thinking that this is normal. This is a short extract from a full ‘Slow Chat’ interview from the 7th October 2021.

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  1. Have been appreciating the articulate, thoughtful voice of Topher Field for several months now here on YT, as especially since July have been finding & subscribing to the people, like him,Aussie Cossack, & the list goes on, best to all out there!

  2. Certain platforms have been blocked at Youtube and many FB posts have been blocked (this includes Real Rukshan!……What is happening here in Australia, is control of the news narratives and silencing freedom of speech. When the leader of the country 1. feigns ignorance on the voice of a large majority of people protesting in the various states calling for democracy and letting the states do the dirty work 2) support the US in its sham so-called "democracy" 3) hurt the economy for political siding of the rouge US, 4) building on lies and the war cries of UN and US which in so doing, endangering its own citizens lives to fight on a pretext and for US dominance, and lastly 5) the irony of being in alliance with a country called Japan, which almost succeeded in taking over South East Asia, where Australia is situated? I am dumbfounded.

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