Topher Field speech Flagstaff gardens WWRFF 5

Melbourne November 20th 2021 Worldwide Rally For Freedom 5.0. Parliament to Flagstaff Gardens

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. It was the best bloody unifying thing I have every done. Standing up against extremists bought us together like I had never experienced. Stick ya footy ya cricket I'm going Rallying again next Saturday arvo! Carn the Vic Freedom team

  2. Very good, love it. Thank you all. I was at the Sydney one. Got arrested, fined, released, at the train station for no mask. They forcefully took my bag and went through it for Id. I travelled from Wollongong to Sydney. Go Melbourne. We had a good crowd too. 👍🏻🙋‍♀️🤍💗🤍 FREEDOM

  3. Dear Krass Slob World Economic Forum Davos, I'll happy when you take everything I own!! And please make me your Feudal Surf and throw me a few crumbs when I starve and beat me every night with your big whip till my back turns to gore!! Oh I am so looking forward to you OWNING everything, INCLUDING ME!!

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