Tories To Boycott Chinese Products

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Tories To Boycott Chinese Products

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. I was stationed in Hong Kong 1977 1988 when China stated aim was to be most powerful Nation in World by 2020! They had the people 1.3 Billion, they "just needed the technology"! So everyone had their tech made in China! Buy Apple 5G instead of China 5G? Apples Made in China, Suckers. Note:, Apples Foxnovo factory's Russian sounding name? Novo is Russian for New
    Chinese respond well to Respect but even elderly people have reputation for killing those who make them loose face
    It's not about the money, its about respectfully making improvements vs eliminating those who make loose face
    Boris should know

  2. Don't worry the so called Conservative Government will sort it ( Boris the electorate voted for a Conservative Government not total left wing tosser's like the worst PRIMINSTER in HISTORY the total brain dead may but you are making a complete fool of yourself listening to the left wing tosser's

  3. What happened to Copy rights, trade descriptions act etc when China was boycotted because they produced shite copy cat gear…. Oh yeah, companies and their investors wanted more profits so ignored our law's.

  4. Far more to fear from US under Trump! The whipping up of Anti-Chinese sentiment is pervasive and a political smokescreen to distract from the incompetence and self interest of our own politicians and management of COVID. China is trying to improve things for its own people and many impoverished countries. They have the will and a work ethic unlike the soft and benefit-reliant West. The gesture to HK citizen is 23 years too late. The HK BNO passport holders in 1997 deserved better, and the few that would choose to exercise their option would have improved our work force. As it was, Canada benefitted from its Liberal policy towards HK Chinese.

  5. I don’t buy half of my electrical goods from China anymore when electrical contracting …I always ask where it’s made and see if there is an alternative….

  6. If only people new how we struggled in 80s then maybe they would think twice cost products living going through roof dont let these poltics mps brain wash ok its usa v china and uk says usa well we should still deal both as we need options for cheaper products

  7. Make it soon and mske it happen
    There is no reason why we should feed that country with Trade when they openly abuse Patents and ignore Copyright. Not to mention the harm they are doing by continuing to hack into IT Systems.
    Hong Kong, South China Seas, Human Rights abuses.
    Also the things that we don't see in Third World Countries on respect o minerals and precarious metals.
    The list goes on,
    Chairman Moi lingers

  8. Have been boycotting all EU goods. Have added China to my list. Sooner pay a little extra and get quality. Well said Ian. Just wish our government would. Grow a pair and put our country first.????????????????????????