TOTAL COLLAPSE! Nancy Gets DESPERATE Trying To Find A “Winning Message” For Dems Ahead Of 2022!


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  1. Words like "demented", "incompetent", or "clueless" just don't cut it anymore when describing the Biden regime. The proper words are, "malfeasance", "sabotage", and "treason". They know what they are doing, it's no mistake, it's deliberate. They are making the nation bleed, and then preventing anybody from fixing what they break.

  2. 1. Failed retreat of Aphganistan
    2. Starting WW3
    3. Record inflation in over 40 years
    4. Forced mandates
    5. Campaign promises not kept(student debt forgiveness, cure cancer, do a better job w/ the pandemic(more people died under Biden than Trump))

  3. Used car sales man: black smoke and the noise in the engine is a bonus that makes the car run better.
    Biden: we can spend money and it doesn’t count against us.
    Biden can I spend the money I owe the government on what I want and your can just count it to you magic piggy bank?

  4. The Democrates are failing on our economy, foreign policy, immigration laws, judical system, city management, and inflation. The perfect scene for the Democrates is one of the closing scene in Kevin Costner's film of Robin Hood. When the old crone opens the door far enough to stick her head into the opening and says to the sheriff " We're doomed". Have Nancy Pelosi as the old crone and Adam Schiff as the sheriff. That paints the proper picture, 2022 mid terms are coming and alot of Democrates are leaving. The GOP better not screw this up, America and the world is watching. So to the far left Democrates…Get Ready for Hell, St. Peter is at the gate.

  5. Well, when do we march?
    I think we need to show this government what an "insurrection" really looks like. Everyone knows that that this potato headed MF didn't win.
    81milliom votes!?!

  6. These jokers in Washington need to do less "Talking" and more "Fixing The Problem!" The trouble with Democrats is they love to acknowledge a problem but do nothing to fix the problem. And if you suggest a solution, they quickly set about finding fault with the solution. Because as long as the problem exists, they can talk about it and appear concerned and 'In Touch With The People'. The moment the problem has a solution, they have to actually take action and stop talking about the problem and focus on something else.

  7. Yeah Joe, Inflation is a direct result of printing money, taking out loans on the tax payer. But hey man, why should you be worried about it, you won't have to bear any responsibilty for it because you'll be dead by the time 2040 comes around and it's time to pay the piper.

  8. a friendly reminder that the disastrous Carter administration led to the historic landslide victory that was president Ronald Reagan. Oh how history repeats itself.

  9. I don't think it's their "face holes" they're speaking from. They've been talking out of their asses from the beginning. As a someone I know says, "I think their arseholes are taking on slough water."

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