TOTAL CRINGE. Kamala Harris’ New PR Campaign Has Started & Democrats ARE SCREWED.


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  1. How do make a laughin' hyena likeable? You cain't. It will just turn on ya and bite you in the hinney in time. Que mala is a daft ideologue. She is not likeable. She's as phoney as plastic baloney!

  2. Strange, isn’t it? The two people who ended up on the Democratic ticket are the two most corruptible and deep swamped politicians… Really coincidental isn’t it?? Personally, I do not believe that Joe Biden was the most popular candidate for the Democratic nominee. That seemed sketchy from the beginning… Kamala Harris was selected because of her corruptability

  3. Harris strikes me as a genuinely evil person…..
    and I gotta point out that the Kamala PR team thinks it's a great idea to build her image around hanging with kids….hmmm….must be the same PR team Joe used…'d that work???

  4. How about instead of worrying about nasa and worry about your job at THE FREAKING BORDER!!!!! By the way three of these kids have been outed as actors who had to audition for this video!

  5. I wonder… Does Klamotta Harris let the kids rub the hairs on her legs, like Joe did?
    Yup, the entire administration is creepy and dangerous to the nation.
    We already knew that they'd use Joe for the first year, to ram what he could through the system.
    Harris was going to be installed into the WH after that. Then the s**t gets real for the rest of us. Because, Biden is losing his mind. But Harris is just bat s**t crazy!

  6. are people serious? some people really want kamala at the border? her and biden destroy everything they touch. keep her and biden in the basement with the rest of the swamp. keep her by the bathroom she already does a shit job as it is.

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