Traffic Cameras Turn into Huge Spying Program

In Florida, no one can find out what rules they operate the cameras by – if any.

Written by Steve Lehto


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  1. Facial recognition cameras the popo have are now tied into private home security cameras so that the moment one steps out into the public domain you could easily be tracked every step of the way.

  2. Someone ought to file a lawsuit arguing that requiring vehicles to have license plates that identify individual vehicles is an unconstitutional violation of rights related to privacy when laws do not strictly prohibit abuse of information revealed by license plates to spy on people without a warrant. Requiring people to display information that helps states spy on people completely destroys the reasonableness of claims that laws do not violate rights related to privacy because all states do is make use of cameras to record behavior that occurs in public.

  3. Big shock…who could have ever have seen this sort of thing coming? Anytime the government wants a camera the reason they tell you they want it is never the real reason they want it.

  4. Florida is losing its appeal FAST! Surveiling random people, crazy corrupt politics, crazy heat and humidity, insurance companies bailing, endless crazy storms, cost of rent through the roof. Pretty sure they will start to lose their appeal as a retirement destination.

  5. The obvious difference between license plate readers and other surveillance in public places is that license plates on vehicles operated on the public roadways are government mandated at expense of the car owner or operator. This is like the government mandating that you install a GPS tracker in your car at your expense for their convenience.

  6. I got a letter in mail saying I owed a toll on a road and in a city I've never been to. Letter included a photo of a tag that wasn't even my tag. They reversed numbers on the actual plate and came up with my number. A phone call took care of all that, but still, wtf?

  7. hard to commit crimes and get away with it when on camera , man are criminals are pissed , i find it strange that so many folks who want to be tuff on crime also don't seem to actually want to put an end to crime …

  8. if there was an open network of cameras watching everything including the police and civilians alike, then maybe legislators would take interest in the societal impact of surveillance.

  9. We actually have these ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader) Cameras all over the UK, at junctions, main roads leading in to most towns and cities as well as on all motorways and junctions. All police traffic cars have the system too but their use isn't restricted and any car that has its number flagged and drives past will send a notification to the police officers in the car. However the High court has ruled that the police have to get a warrant to be able to pull the information from the static camera system except in an emergency (An emergency is defined as a situation that is detrimental to life and limb). Outside of this they are only to be used to track tolls and other charges such as the congestion charge we have to pay to drive in London or for speed/red light offences. The tried a few years ago to use the red light cameras to fine people for stopping on Yellow hatched Boxes (these are drawn on some junctions to prevent traffic build up in busy areas) but the court ruled that this was unlawful so the system was dropped and the cameras only used for red light offences. Any traffic offence camera in the UK MUST have a sign preceding it saying that it is there and what its for eg. speed camera ahead or Bus lane cameras etc. Despite the UK (probably) having the heaviest concentration of cameras of any country in the world, there are strict guide lines in place detailing what they can and cant be used for although I suspect they are used for a lot more that we dont know and will never be told!

  10. I worked on a traffic camera system in which they hid the cameras in the poles and had a full license plate logging. If they were looking for a car they knew their travel habits so they would just have cop sit at a corner on the days they knew they would be traveling. The crazy part is these third party systems were starting to talk to other systems.

  11. I have no problem with cameras watching me because im not a criminal. If these cameras help track down criminals, Im all for it. But if Im going to be watched, the police need to understand as public servants, that they can also be filmed for accountability. Cameras are an excellent tool. You cant argue he/said, she/said when their is audio/visual evidence. If anyone has seen the movie, Enemy of the State or Eagle Eye, those are examples of the wrong type of surveilance.

  12. here we are once again, "talking". thats all we humans ever seem to do. who are we talking to exactly? each other? that does nothing. this is a result of this insane idea we are not the final authority in our own lives. we are ok with that. in fact, we demand "laws and rules" to have a "civil" society.

  13. The law enforcement databasing of information pales in comparison to the databasing of all fiscal transactions. The replacement of cash for electronic payment “convenience” created the world’s largest surveillance system.

  14. I have personally witnessed cops going through a shopping center using a plate reader and writing tickets for every 10th to 15th car.
    Even though I had a current tag and insurance, I backed out and left.

  15. I have personally witnessed cops going through a shopping center using a plate reader and writing tickets for every 10th to 15th car.
    Even though I had a current tag and insurance, I backed out and left.

  16. In many Canadian cities you'll see cameras over top of the intersections exactly for this purpose. They want to be able to pick up a plate of anyone they are looking for, any vehicles matching descriptions.

  17. Bay City Michigan sold the 2 bridges it ran to a private company and now there are going to be toll bridges and the other 2 bridges are owned by the state and will stay free. And many people are very angry about it

  18. The plate numbers may be visible in public but your personal and private information attached to that plate number is only accessible by the government. You also mentioned the extent of the intrusion being so miniscule you don't even realize your plate being run to discover your info. You won't realize if your phone is being tapped but that is illegal without a warrant.

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