Tragic Story Of Indiana Mother Is NOT Being Covered By Mainstream Media, What Actually Happened??

Tim and Adam break down why absolutely no one is talking about the tragic story of a young woman who took a walk on a summer evening and did not come home.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Surely BLM are digging their own graves. The public will not tolerate the hate & violence for much longer. BLM has put back race relations two decades. Classic divide & conquer.

  2. I seriously wouldn’t be shocked if this kid grew up racist towards black people for murdering his mom because I know I would despise them for my whole life from going through such a tragedy. Unreal blm is the most racist thing to happen to America since slavery created by who? DEMOCRATS! Democrats make me sick and I hope they burn in hell.

  3. Race IS racism. My blue-eyed, blonde daughter might one day fall in LOVE with someone of darkest african decent and their babies will be BEAUTIFUL – I pray that people aren't still arguing over what to call them, that would be truly UGLY.

  4. 11:14 Adam, "… no lives matter"
    There are an extra new 126 people on earth every single minute .
    Each tick of the clock, you and I matter less and less. And who benefits? Corporate board members, new consumers, higher share prices.