TRAILER: Apparent vaccine injury leaves woman with Bell’s palsy | On April 11, 2021, Carole Avoine, decided to take the AstraZeneca vaccine because her mother was vulnerable to COVID-19. Twenty days later, Mrs. Avoine developed stage 6 Bell’s palsy. Mrs. Avoine was joined by Rebel’s Quebec Reporter, Alexa Lavoie to help share her story.

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Written by Rebel News Canada


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  1. Well Lavoie I had Bell's Palsy back in 2018.
    What can I blame that on?
    People suffer problems such as this all the time and YES it can be a coincidence.
    Where is your scientific evidence for the 3 week gap between vaccination and Symptoms showing up?

  2. I am injured from it too. So far rebel hasn’t reached out to me. I am in so much pain. I was coerced to get it or I lose my middle class job, then I can’t feed or house my 6 year old little girl so getting it was NOT a choice because feeding and housing her is a responsibility and taking care of her is NOT a choice. Now I need surgery what will only fix part of the issue I have, work refuses that it’s their fault and that it’s a workplace injury, I can’t get the time off for surgery, and they certainly refuse to pay me for the time off I need. I have been suffering in extreme pain for over a year now and the pain hasn’t subsided in the lease.

  3. why is it this reporter actually does in fact speaks so plain English at the end of this video
    yet from the point of the start of the video she sounds as if she just started to learn as how to speak English ?
    Now keep in mind as I do in deed like her for all she does on Rebel News
    But however just as well my point is made very clear that if she can speak plain English then why would she flip flop around it like that ??

  4. Stange that they couldnt move Mrna into humen testing before covid kicked in due to the bugs, lucky covid came a long and then they used Emergency powers which let them skip that part and just pushed ahead with it.

  5. My aunt was 7. Nobody knew she was sick. Recieved a vaccine while sick. Then her fever skyrocketed melting the motor functions in her brain . She spent the next 40yrs of her life a vegetable.. I'm pro vaccine, I'm anti govt corruption…. My grandmother carried Deanna for 35 years .

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