Trans People Banned From Competing In Womens Swimming

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. If there are more than 40 different genders, then why do they care about only one of them? The people who were born as boys, but self-identify as supermen (and take the corresponding amount of testosterone) are not allowed to compete in any category at all. This is a much larger bigotry.

  2. Funny how "trans rights" devolved so insanely quickly into taking away opportunities from (biological) women…

    The "patriarchy" must be very proud that men are finally replacing women.

  3. So unless a deeply immoral doctor and morally bankrupt parents have mutilated their child and chemically castrated him before the age of 12 ?


    Okay good to know

  4. Anybody care to explain why there are absolutely zero people born as women that transfer gender and enter into athletic competition with men? Not a single solitary one. Ever. Why is it always dudes wanting to be girls with this deep need to beat girls at sports.

  5. The fact that you never hear about "trans-men" being a problem in men's sports is the best proof, to give Leftists/Progressives that don't understand biology and/or reality, that men and women are physically different and that there is nothing that current technology/science can do to change that.

  6. The Left's problem with this is that the ruling essentially determines that women are a measurable biological entity, separate from men. This goes directly against gender ideology, so they'll fight this with a passion.

  7. Ehhhhhhh, this is just going to lead to young male athletes being pressured to transition by 12, whether they really want to or not. How many of the castrati really wanted to give up their balls for a 'good' singing voice? And how quickly will places like China–or Califor-nyah-nyah schools–take the decision out of the hands of the actual children?

  8. Do you remember the sound effect from the six million dollar man and/or the seven million dollar women?
    I have that in the ear, while he is showing the action pictures of the playing Trans-athletics… ^^

  9. 2:00 – Is there a catchy way of saying "just because you can't explain something that doesn't make it false". For example, I don't have a clue how gravity works. Someone could use all kinds of fancy science talk to unequivocally PROVE gravity doesn't exist. But I'd still refuse to walk off a building.

    That's what they're doing with this issue. We all KNOW men and women are different. But most people don't spend the time to think about it. They never had to and they've never met resistance to the idea. When they can't explain it or defend their ideas they get scared to speak out.

    So what I'm looking for is a catchy way for someone like my mom to just dismiss the entire argument. Kind of like how "OK groomer" works lol.

  10. I heard that number being thrown around that pharma companies make 1 million $ from each gender transition. Can you give us some info about this? How are these people affording to pay a million dollars for these procedures?

    Side-note: are these people the same who can't afford student loans?

  11. A lot of ppl said taht they should just put up a category for trans people to compete vs. eachother, yet it took them this long to go through with it, clowns.

  12. Man, with all these people making crazy rules like this, how will we ever be able to progress in society? One step forward and 2 steps back I tell ya.

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