Trans Swimmer Destroying Competition And Setting Records

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas has been blowing opponents out of the water this NCAA season, while also stirring up controversy as an avatar in the ongoing debate over trans women’s participation in women’s competitive sports. Her teammates and competitors have expressed support but fans and the general public have offered up a more mixed response.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger tackle the thorny issue of trans women athletes while also discussing Serena and Venus Williams’ widely forgotten tennis match against a male professional decades ago.

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  1. Did you know that the death of babies less than a year old are not counted in the age expectancy of people therefore artificially raising life expectancy to hide the fact that it is lowering?

  2. If biological men and women were the same, there would be no need for transgender. The very fact that transgender exists is because male and female exist. Lololo-Logic! It does not exist in the Marcusian Left.

  3. The lgbtq is single-handedly turning back what women fought tooth-and-nail to have and it answered your question no that transgendered individual was somewhere in the 700 in placing men's league. There will be no women in women's sports. There will only be equality amongst men

  4. So women of the year went to a man. And the gold metal for womens swimming went to a man. And you all thought the left was pro woman. They are replacing you with men. 💩

  5. It’s not possible to transition from one sex or gender to the other. Gender is synonymous with sex and always has been.
    Let’s cut the bullshit and tell the f@@kin truth instead of placating people who need mental health treatment.

  6. You're off your rocker Jimmy… Hey male or females center of gravity is quite similar. If anything a female's center of gravity might be higher due to having breasts and more weight up top.

  7. Basically, if someone can't win via the righteous path they can either bust their ass and work hard to win righteously…..or switch genders and steal from weaker opponents. This would be like a 35 year old born on a leap year, declaring to technically only be 8 years old, joining a 8 year olds track and field event and breaking all the records.

  8. If you believe in equality then there shouldn't be gender divisions in sports at all. Sport should be about competing and being the best you can. Not about winning and money.
    In my humble opinion money has ruined sport.

  9. jokes should be allowed to punch any direction they want, as soon as you restrict it then it becomes a political tool which needs people holding up signs saying 'applaud' every time the 'punchline' is delivered.

  10. Kurt, you're great, and please work on your timing. Let Jimmy finish his thoughts. Your consistent interruptions (words and sounds) sabotage Jimmy's flow, humor, and important interpretations of the content being dissected. Thanks! ❤️

  11. The fact that she has to undergo hormone treatment to handicap her ability is an admission that men compete at such a higher level. And even after the handicap, trans women still compete at a higher level than biological women.

  12. The logic flaw here is that it doesn’t have to do with inclusion, it has to do with a physical, evolutionary advantage and with women who are in their right to not want physical men to compete against them for same reason, ideology comes later

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