Trans Teacher With Giant Fake Breasts DEFENDED By School Board

It’s the story burning up the Internet – a purportedly trans woman shop teacher at a Canadian high school has come to work with giant sagging prosthetic breasts, and the resulting photos and video have been making the rounds online and then some. And it turns out that the school board is even SUPPORTING the teacher, and defending her right to express herself however she sees fit.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the Triple-E cup sized controversy and whether this teacher is striking a blow for or against the cause of trans acceptance.

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  1. They took away the BIBLE in school to accept nipples here ? At least put a bra on you pervert the women teachers would do that they would loose their JOBS because your a man dressed up as a woman doesn't give you more Right than other's you want to be respected so the rights oF our children's not to have that swaying back and for like a pendulum clock put a bra and hide those exaggerated breast and nipples …you can tell that person has to be the CENTER of attention my quest would bE drama queen If not he or she would not put themselves so see ..I don't have a problem with this It's most of them have good sense of style and make-up Wich I love And admire but this is a big no no for me put at least a bra is that to much to ask for your in school not a nightclub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would diagnose a typical rapist pattern with that dude. More common than u think amongst the woke crowd, i know gays and Trans all my life-none of them is a CHEAP fascist ahole.

  3. "Why admin is not comfortable talking to the teacher?" T-privilege. It's a thing. Certain groups of people have privilege to act outside societal norms. It's not the "content"/actions of an individuals character which one is judged on its the color they associate with on the LBGT flag.

  4. I’m sure this person is taking pleasure out of the attention he gets from kids as well as the public in general. People don’t walk out of their homes being so intentionally promiscuous with prosthetics for “identity”. And the school is allowing this person to perform his kink in front of children. Kink is fine in your personal life but there is no consent here from participants, which are also minors.

  5. This is beyond disturbing in epic proportions! There is nothing funny about it. These children are forced to normalize this disturbing behavior placed on them by thier own teacher and condoned by people who have power over them.

  6. See, I'm a woman with naturally large breasts. They are no advantage; nothing to celebrate. They constantly get in the way, attract the wrong attention, make it uncomfortable to run or even enjoy a offroad drive. So seeing this creep flaunt these fake breasts makes me angry; he is disrespectful because he is mocking every woman out there with my reality. He is saying, "See? It's easy, sexy, fun!" Well, it's not. He should be made to walk a mile in my bra, see how he likes it then.

  7. You just know the minute that shop teacher gets home he just goes back to being a normal dude. He's just living out some sexual fetish during work hours and that's how he gets off

  8. It’s not an issue to protect equal rights and write it in the text. But this is completely unrelated from that. Criticising this shouldn’t get you into trouble, even under that law.

  9. sexualization of kids is not a progressive value –

    if it is, miss me with this crap

    too many people in this 'society' are very thirsty to show/talk sex to KIDS

    creeps LIKE THIS are weaponizing our sense of fairness, dignity & respect against us

    keep it up, and the sense of fairness, dignity & respect will vanish

    FFS, I am pleading with you sensible, reasonable, LGBT folks –

    Please reign in THESE CREEPS hiding behind YOUR LABELS

    We won't allow our kids to be aggressed against

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