Trans women competing in kickboxing (from Livestream #81)

Trans Women competing in kickboxing.
Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.


Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #81 (originally streamed live on May 22, 2021):


What is this a clip from?
In this 81st in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. Conscious misogyny! Yes, and they are doing it because they are behind the shield of wokeness. It's like all those lefty men were just dying to express their hatred for women, and now they can.

  2. I think the simple solution would be to start a trans-sport. You can have trans baseball, trans kickboxing and let them have their own sub sport.

  3. I guess the whole Fallon Fox Debacle in MMA didn't register with the British KickBoxing Council?!
    Maybe it will take some biological female kickboxers having their skulls fractured, bones broken and brains damaged for the BKBC to 'wake up' to reality?!

  4. Anyone familiar with martial arts knows sparring and a fight in competition is vastly different. Size and strength does provide an advantage that skill may never make up for in similar skill level brackets.

  5. Why this idea of making sports gender neutral and watching men win?? Why not a third gender sports category? Trans sports, Women's sports, and Men's sports.

  6. Trans rights should not impose on women's rights. Trans people should only compete with each other, there are plenty of them to build their own category in all sports.

  7. Ir seems that the only two things that the controllers of society want us to talk aobut is sex and race. What a waste of humanity's time……

  8. News flash… While it is your human right to present yourself as the gender you identify with, it does not cancel out BIOLOGY. If you are born a biological male and want to live as a female, awesome, live your life as you please but, no matter how many hormones and hormone blockers you take or surgeries you have, it will never make you into the opposite biological sex. What you don't have the right to do, is take away chances for real biological women to compete on an even playing field, earn scholarships, sponsorship, hold world records, and win (nat, state, world) championships, simply because of how you want to identify yourself.

  9. I blame stupid Hollywood movies for this. They have brainwashed the masses. Movies in their attempt to be woke and portray women empowerment have literally shown women beating a crap a out bad guys all alone, which is absolutely unrealistic.

    For years and years this crap keeps floating and somehow has now become unconsciously ingrained into people's belief system. People commenting and saying that women atheletes can spar with men have NEVER fought any man in real life where they have to overpower a man.

    Hollywood action has messed up with people's mind. It very entertaining to look at but it's very unrealistic. People forget that.

  10. So then, what do the feminists say about this? Do they defend women’’s rights to fair competition? Or do the do they go full “trans”?

  11. It’s not really that complicated. It only takes common sense. The fact that we are having a conversation about men beating the shit out of women is disturbing. Hey I’m a 200 pound, 6 feet tall man, but I identify with a 5 foot, 100 pound man. So I want to compete for the kickboxing championship. Does that sound ok?

  12. Fun fact: Which country in the world performs the 2nd highest number of Trans gender operations (Thailand is number one) ?

    – I'm guessing you didn't see that one coming!

  13. I think we should just let those crazy liberal policies play out, it should drive women back to common sense rather than be ironically progressive pushing crazy social justice

  14. When you believe everything around you is a social contruct, then one must deny any observable reality as unreality. Activist social engineer's will get people hurt. No good can happen when you abandon reason for ideology.

  15. It seems that as much as a man can change with transition surgery and hormone therapy and transition counseling in the attempt to become a woman, the one thing transition cannot seem to change is an all too common male sense of entitlement.

  16. The obvious solution to this is to just get rid of female sports. They are inherently discriminatory anyway. Unless of course you don't take it as a given that discrimination is bad and you are free-thinking enough to question the unsubstantiated narrative that has been pushed since you were young.

  17. I've done Thai/ kickboxing for years now. And yes I've sparred against many women who were better than me in every way, technique, shape, knowledge of the sport. If we were to actually have fought, they still would have lost. I could tank their hits and keep coming. Where the reverse wasn't true. This is not a unisex sport, this is a sport where sex difference is huge.

  18. Sport is a human right. If a government uses tax dollars to allow people to exercise for health it can’t discriminate against people who want to have access to it. For example if a public park exists with swings and equipment for exercise is it legal to open only the kiddie equipment during COVID and not put up a basketball hoop for the older children or boys? That’s age and gender discrimination. Everyone can wear a mask. Why just allow little children with masks to use equipment? I sued under the human rights law for that very issue. Guess what the administrative court never issued a decision. So I paid tax dollars to have my son discriminated against and I paid tax dollars to allow a corrupt administrative court to operate. Those civil servants are paid by me. The city parks workers were too lazy to get a lift truck out to the park to put up the hoops. But they had the lift truck to take them all down. And the administrative law Judge is too lazy to write a decisions. The teachers are too lazy to go to work. So yes you need to understand sports is a human right when government uses our tax dollars to provide it. The trans need their own league. They are trying to hurt women. Women need to Sue under the human rights law to stop this government sanctioned human rights violation. Sports are human rights.

  19. Raging full Marxist progressive here. I think there should be two more categories: Trans-males and Trans-females. Let everyone compete in their class. Same with the toilets. A third one for anyone who identifies as different. IMO, this would solve all the issues.

  20. Seems as the chickens of “ toxic masculinity “ are finally coming home to roost.
    Let’s see how long it would take transgenders to take over the money sports of professional tennis and golf…

  21. As a decent human being why would you even try this? Something to be said about the frame of mind a person is in to make such a decision. The only goal of people like Biden is to create rapid social decay, weakening society and destroying unity. Any leader who has done this before generally wants a lot more control over people they wouldn't normally agree to.

  22. This topic is a joke. There is no discussion to be had, be trans, do you, but don't let it effect others. You can't change the world around your need. Life isn't fair, if your a trans woman kickboxing tough shit, fight men, your a disgrace to the idea of martial arts. It's not about you.

  23. Where are all the "trans men" competing in men's kick boxing.?… Or any other men's sports. Seems one sided.
    Just like I never hear about trans wanting to use men's bathroom… It's always trans wanting to use the women's restroom.