Transfection agents and turning you into a vaccine factory (from Livestream #133)

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  1. So if it’s okay to be “anti-pharmaceutical”, why isn’t it legitimate to be “anti-vax” on the same basis (i.e., rejecting a drug as a default position until its safety and efficacy can be demonstrated to one’s satisfaction)? If the former is not “anti-scientific”, why is the latter? Ostensibly, the “anti-science” label is ad hominem and meant to end conversation, presumably because the pro-drug or pro-vax side lack argument and evidence to demonstrate both safety and efficacy to a degree that the benefits outweigh any risks (assuming both benefits and risks can be shown to have been properly and reliably assessed).

  2. In the UK public health data…the rates of symptomatic infection in each [adult] age group were approximately 3X higher in the vaccinated people than the unvaccinated people

  3. My son was forced to have the jab for University. He very reluctantly chose the J&J to which he did have a mild to moderation reaction. Which was an all over body rash, fever of 100-101F, and body aches. Now they are insisting her have a Pfizer or Moderna jab. I am older and drive over one hour to work to a job that I could literally have with another company within 3 miles of my home because of the Big Jab Blitz!

  4. Common sense has always caused me to be a Trad Vaccination person. It really is as simple as my right to free thinking, and my body my choice. I already have an auto-immune disease and am on medications that specifically say "consult your doctor" before receiving any vaccines. Unfortunately the vast majority of mainstream practicing MD's have the critical thinking skills and or courage to go against the narrative.

  5. Like the term “trad-vaxxer”. If we’re going to update vaccine technology we should do it in a way that removes a middleman rather than creating a new middleman. The mRNA vaccine uses the cellular machinery as a middleman to create antigen, which itself is a middleman to create antibodies. You can cut out this middleman too if you use a monoclonal antibody shot.

  6. I want to make a tier list of vaccines from most “awesome” (dangerous!) to most “boring” (safe)
    S-tier: Pfizer COVID shot/Comirnaty, Moderna COVID shot/Spikevax, AstraZeneca COVID shot/Covishield, J&J COVID shot, Sputnik V
    A-tier: Smallpox, yellow fever, rabies (for cats), Novavax? Covaxin?
    B tier: HPV, swine flu, any shot with mercury in it
    C tier: MMR, oral polio, hepatitis
    D tier: Salk polio, meningitis, DTaP
    F tier: intranasal flu shot, chickenpox

  7. starting to wonder if the explosion of autoimmune diseases is correlated with the use of adjuvants in flu and other jabs. One whistleblower said they knew in one vaccine that the adjuvants, monkey brain cells, were infected but thought the amount so small that it wouldn't hurt people.

  8. I questioned the safety of gardasil for my 12 year old, and found myself in court, lost my parental right to decision making for all medical, because opposing counsel labeled me an anti v'er, even tho I testified my child had all required ones for school. This was 2019. I have another child v injured in the military receiving 5 in one day, collapsing 16 hours later, hospitalized for 30 days, military covered it up in 2015

  9. I am realizing that, generally, this “vax status” has taken on something that smacks of virtue signaling (call it identity signaling?) and goes another step further. Culturally, we are experiencing “identity” rammed down our throats to the degree, that we as a people, have lost our internal compass of who we really are.

  10. The body does not recognize live or dead virus. It recognizes protein coatings. Why would you put an attenuated virus in you when all you need is the protein coating?

  11. Thank you for this discussion, very important and just common sense, which has recently gone out of the window, thanks to vested interests and their psychological programming….

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