Transgender Hockey Maam Concusses Biological Female Player



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  1. When will these clowns wake up and quit this Stupid WOKE nonsense? This makes no sense at all. These women will get killed playing hockey against men, Even if the look like men and the men look like women. This sounds like a really bad sick joke.

  2. A few weeks ago in the Phenix City, Alabama/ Columbus, Georgia area there was a double murder on the river walk. I found out today the details. A trans was giving a guy a blowjob and during it the guy figured out she was a he so he pulled out a gun and shot dead the trans. A younger guy that was a local doctors son was walking his dog and saw the murder so the guy shot him dead too because he witnessed the other murder. Let's go Brandon

  3. I was a hockey mom for a decade or so. Believe me, the boys get to about 14 and under and there's no way a female is keeping up. The few they had on the team would get targeted by other teams during tournaments because they knew the bench would empty of guys defending the female and we would get penalties.

  4. There's no stopping the 'everyone gets a trophy' trope… Until we do that is. Until the majority decide to get its head out of its collective ar$e and decide it will no longer be intimidated by this cavalcade of mental defectives.

  5. When my daughter was going through her police academy training her instructor told the whole class of students "a man, no matter how small in structure will always be stronger then even a larger built woman." No contest!

  6. What do they men?? Biological male??? Cause last I heard was nobody knew what a female+woman was…. Means nobody knows that there is a difference between a fictional male or female…

    Not only that there are no difference between those…. Cause we're all the same…

  7. This is really getting out of hand! They are very correct when they say this is a "war on women", what else could it be? It's pure, unbridled hatred of woman and it's disgusting.

  8. I can't help but laugh. She shouldn't be playing hockey anyway. She should be at home cleaning house, cooking, and raising kids. We wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for feminism. Feminism started the destruction of western civilization just like it was feminism that got us kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Women need to read Ephesians 5.22-24, 1st Peter 3.1-6, Genesis 3.16, Colossians 3.18, 1st Timothy 2.11-15, 1st Corinthians 14.34-35, and Titus 2.3-5.

  9. I fucking love this channel. Even the most conservative channels I watch won't fully speak their mind the way they want to. Normal people speaking their minds and discussing reality is refreshing.

  10. All of the wishful thinking and self affirmation in the world is not going to change reality of how you were born. When they dig you up 1000 years from now and identify you by your remains, you will be classified as you were born, not what you thought you were. ree

  11. I wonder if I were to find patient zero, drive a silver- wooden stake, drive it deep into he-hers heart, would that end all this ridiculousness? What you say? Faucho all ready killed him-her? Oh yeah, AIDS. Much Love! All Glory to Almighty GOD! The Creator of all things, the Heavens and the Earth!

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