Treason Day Melbourne Parliament (Treason House)

Outside Parliament the day many members will commit treason. Traitors plotting against us inside, freedom outside and also #ParliamentCuts outside

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. What a shitful unbelievable time we are in for. How could these criminals get away with such unwarranted and unneeded bullshit. The dictator best watch over his shoulder at all times. 😢 Your day will come Scamdrews. We will not forget the carnage you have caused. 😡

  2. The first 4 cases of omicron found in fully vaxxed people. So, why are we mandating vaccines again? They don't work. They are creating the new variants. Delta arrived at the same time as the vax.

  3. In the words of Mr Icke, “the evil force has finally shown itself and walked through the k.o.v.i.d door and we are going to slam the door shut behind them and lock it with a 🔑 so they can never escape and we’ll be free of this evil force of psychopaths forever”!!!!!!!!!This is the rebirthing of humanity.

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