Treasury Secretary Admits She Was DEAD WRONG About Inflation

Former Fed Chair and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has admitted that she failed to see the current inflation crisis coming and then downplayed the seriousness of the problem when prices first started to rise. And while she claims she doesn’t like to make predictions (understandably, considering her track record), she is now saying she expects the crisis to continue for some time and that the administration will do little to curb it.

In this conversation with Jimmy, The New School’s visiting economics professor Richard Wolff at least gives credit to his former graduate school classmate Yellen for her honesty, but takes away points since he knows that she is aware of what needs to be done but does not have the intestinal fortitude to push for those policies.

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  1. trickle down is a leftist propaganda term that strawmans the ideas of supply side economics which every time used worked with the only downside of creating decificts short term because of reckless leftist spending and is ended by those same wreckless leftist before the economy can out grow deficits due to that economic boom given by supply side economics which eventually leads to much much higher reciepts. your a hack of uneducated if you dont think supply side works.

  2. Jimmy and the professor doesn't understand why we don't have capitalism anymore, its a controlled economy by the Federal reserve. They print money and every one wonders why the economy is unequal. printing money is not capitalism.

  3. The Kardashians are modern day slave owners. I would love to see Jimmy cover the recent Vice article about the workers who worked on the Kardashians app. The one lady wasn’t even getting paid enough to afford the gas to drive to work. The apps made plenty of money, but it all went to the Kartrashian’s big fat asses.

  4. My leftist friend was complaining it costs $20 to fill his mower and when confronted with WHO was responsible, he got all defensive , can't possibly be the Biden Admin , they aren't responsible for gas prices etc, but for the WHOLE fkn 4 years on Trump's Presidency guess who was responsible for EVERY FKN THING? sometimes you just want to slap the morons.

  5. Having Chris Hedges joining this conversation should be the next video about how capitalism is causing avoidable problems that could prevent chaos and death for future generations. Probably get almost a million views.

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