Trevor Noah Likes That YouTube is Hiding the Dislike Button

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Trevor Noah has some thoughts about YouTube hiding the dislike button on all videos, and it proves who he really works for.

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Written by Mark Dice

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  1. i ll put it shortly. societies are evolving. we are moving towards democracy. today we have the means to do it. what that means is that we dont need corrupt representetives.
    so when they see a video from a gov. oraganization or a main media broadcaster is downvoted they dont like it. imagine a policy that is really unpopular and they want to propagandize that only a vocal minority is against it. they wouldnt want a video with a bad like/dislike ratio would they ?

  2. The guy who made the official video made me actually begin to understand mansplaining lmao

    The way he brushed off all of our concerns, and hit us with "people say they use the dislike button to judge whether a video is bad or not. But actually YouTube found that wasn't true".

    What?! How I've been using the dislike button for the past 9 years isn't true? Was that supposed to convince me my own experiences were just incorrect?

    Stop being so damn charming too, we get it, you're charming. Stop charming me you beautiful man, it's not going to work. I'm never going to think the dislike button is a good thing. I'm glad it's gone, it was used to attack small creators. It..

    Oh no.

  3. If you’re worried about ‘bullying’ and the fragility of YouTube wokesters it would be more logical for those folks to just remove comments all together. Any creator bothered over a thumbs down needs some serious counselling, which I guess is already obvious.

  4. I'm gonna play devil's advocate here,but youtube is a private company,as a private company they can do whatever the fuck they want with their property.
    So if people don't like leave and make another platform.
    Honestly I'll just lay back and watch the dumpster fire that will be all the tin foil hat people finding conspiracies for the reason why the dislikes were removed.

  5. He loves that dislikes are going to be hidden, because he and everything about him and his show sucks. Seriously, his is the worst show ever. Nothing like the old Daily Show.

  6. I'm Nigerian, but this has nothing to do with South Africans always picking on my fellow citizens whenever the blood lust hits them in their annual xenophobic killing festival, just that I can't wrap my head around the fact that one moron from that country can sit comfortable in America and utter even a syllable of criticism about something as non-existent (comparatively speaking) as white supremacy or institutionalised racism when his own country declares open season against other Africans and white South Africans as frequently as Joe Brandon emits a fart. Far as I'm concerned, the guy is a tone-deaf dumkopf who couldn't tell a joke from a vuvuzela even if one rammed into him in broad daylight on a mile wide freeway.

  7. This guy is hated. Look I look at the dislike button in this manner. It is like the Roman slave in a victory parade holding the Laurel leaf crown over your head reminding you over and over that you are not a god, that you are just a man, and that all glory is fleeting. It's a great way to kick in the ass to improve your content.

  8. Had never heard of Noah, but you can tell from his mannerisms he’s scripted and not ad libbing like intelligent comedians and similar. Further, a Dislike is not a Hate, it’s not agreeing. The removal of the Dislike control is more evidence of the tech media and MSM imposing dictat over democracy. With my engineering hat on, it’s time for a competitor to YouTube. Lots of room for innovation as well as bringing back a Dislike control. 🙂

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