Trey Parker’s talks about why South Park isn’t affected by cancel culture

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  1. "Jimmy go tell Wendy she's a continual source of Inspiration to me"
    "Wendy… Stan says your a cont..cont..cont…. continual source of Inspiration"

    Matt and Trey are Legends

  2. kyle – "jimmy, whats the worst thing you could say to disabled syrian children refugees?"

    jimmy – "w…wa..waddle back to syria, d..desert tard"

    99.9% of shows couldnt say that lol

  3. They’re the only one who are still funny. The rest have their tails between their legs.

    You can’t be funny and be scared of idiot liberals at the same time.

  4. Because "cancel" culture is a fucking myth created by right wing crybabies who don't want to be held accountable for the shitty things they do and say?

  5. Mentions Rick and Morty then proceeds to say Southpark got in at just the right time before the interwebs was big and nothing like this could get off the ground today. Ummmm what?

  6. Lol , its a miracle that Family Guy hasn't been canceled , they also push the gay/ racist / political ect… envelope ,i love both, S.P. & F.G. cartoon shows .

  7. Cancel culture blindly goes after easy targets. I think South Park has established itself such that it's hard to go after South Park without realizing that you're being a fucking idiot. I think that's what shields them from the bullshit more than anything else. It's easy to convince yourself that some celebrity is a horrible person or some company is doing the wrong thing and you're the one trying to make things right. It's a little harder to go after South Park and at no point realize that what you're doing is ridiculous.

  8. It’s simply because at the end of the day, they are sufficiently blasphemous, and demoralizing and that’s what the industry wants.