Trinity School NYC Director of Student Activities Touts Sneaking Political Agenda Into Classrooms

Prestigious NYC Private School Director Touts ‘Sneaking’ Her Political ‘Agenda’ into Classrooms: ‘Disrupt Wherever I Can’ … ‘I Felt Like a Double Agent’ … ‘Huge Contingent’ of White Boys ‘Are Just Horrible’

• Jennifer Norris, Director of Student Activities, Trinity School NYC: “I just keep trying to disrupt wherever I can. And now that I’m in this position, I have so many opportunities to do that.”
• Norris: “I don’t hide how I feel, but I can’t pretend I’m [not] promoting an agenda even though I clearly am with all the stuff I’m doing.”
• Norris: “There’s always groups of teachers who want to do these [activist] things, but the administration just wouldn’t let us. So, we’ve been just sneaking things in [through] the cracks.”
• Norris: “When I first started there [at Trinity School NYC], I hid my whole life. I felt like a double agent or something.”
• Norris: “Unfortunately, it’s the white boys who feel very entitled to express their opposite opinions and just push back. There’s a huge contingent of them that are just horrible. And you’re like, ‘Are you always going to be horrible, or are you just going to be horrible right now?’ Don’t know…I think they need to go. I think they’re really awful people…They’re so protected by capitalism. It makes me sad.”
• Norris: Trinity School NYC is “definitely a school where conservatives would not feel comfortable.”
• Norris: “I’m in charge” and “I won’t” allow Republican perspectives on campus. “Not on my watch.”
• Norris: “I talked to the [Trinity NYC high school] principal and I was like, ‘So, if I’m running this, I’m 100% democratic with the students. I will tell them the [speaker] options and they are voting.’ I’m not going to just be like, ‘These are our speakers for the year.’ I want to make sure the kids are engaged and care. So, I do put a lot of it on them, but I said, ‘There are some speakers I am not even going to put on the plate for them [students], and if that’s a problem, I cannot be in charge of that.’ And he [principal] was like, ‘No.’ He said, ‘This isn’t the time for both [political] sides.’ He said, ‘We’re not in that place in our society.’”

Written by Project Veritas

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  1. If you think you need to hide your real self, you need to look in the mirror and ask the one you see in front of you some serious questions as to the motive for YOUR deception.

  2. Why would you hire a tattooed woman to teach – much less administrate – at a $60/year private school? I donno if they're still connected with Trinity Church (where all those dreadful dead forebears of freedom are buried) but you'd think a Christian institution would be against this. (then we saw what the Episcopal preacher in Washington did to Trump when BLM burned down her church – what an idiot!) Our institutions are suffering from undue influence of big-money donors with ulterior motives.

  3. So speaking your mind and engaging in a civilized debate and disagreeing with an opinion is "horrible"? Actually, it's the American way. Glad to hear there are white boys, perhaps of British descent way back when, out there still practicing the American culture of their forefathers.

  4. The problem is that on the outside she's forty years-old woman. However, on the inside she's still a twenty year-old working on school administrator's degree. This is fairly typical among white college educated women, and that is why the Democrat Party relies upon them so heavily.

  5. Seeing people say they're sad is why it's still going on! What every parent should be us Mad as Hell!!! And demanding an entire overhaul of the school's. Yes, it is sad but being sad isn't going to do a damn thing!!!

  6. OK, so we will no longer tolerate hostile work environments, time to stand against hostile educational environments. This POS masquerading as an "educator" MUST never be allowed in another classroom or allowed to have anything to do with "education". She clearly expressed her psychopathic fantasies about having her student's "Dextered", because they have the audacity to "push back" on her opinions. She has NO place in "education". Hell, she even admits she is using her position to "disrupt", rather that educate. She and her co-disrupters must be fired!
    The parents and student must take action, sue the school over its hostile educational environment. Make certain no one else pays $60K per year to be ridiculed and demeaned!

  7. This indoctrination started in university. Now it's being strongly imprinted upon young minds. It's the NWO way of dividing a nation to weaken then control it, and stopping the love of life and liberty.

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