Triple J is “Racist”

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Written by Isaac Butterfield

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  1. My initials are JJJ, the only thing I inherited from my grandfather. Does that mean I am guilty and have to apologize? I'd rather drop one of my names, the one I need the least, than do that.

  2. In my experience I have met many good Australians and it saddens me to say that the good ones are way out numbered by the bad ones. It is all going to come down to the individual and the choice of whether you want the racism tag or not.

  3. 6:15 African American is not any different to an American accent, but, granted an African accent is different, and there are different accents within Africa, so whi’s the one generalising people now?

  4. See I'm under the impression that if you can't stand a certain race (yes even white people ) you are the problem with the world … Equality not domination …

  5. I’m Indian and I fucking love it when someone uses a Indian accent and pretend to be a call center worker is fucking hilarious I love it especially when the accents good

  6. Dude she's white. I get she may have family ect but no one is going to interact with her in a racist way she just looks white. She is making things about race that aren't. Doing accents isn't itself racists everyone does it even people of the same 'race' do it to each other.

  7. Am not looking to start a political debate, just dropping my 2 cents;

    to be fair though, Justin Trudeau publicly apologized for the blackface and most of the nation understood that it happened 20ish years ago, when social norms were a bit different, worldwide if I may add. its still no excuse for what he did and he's come to terms with that, even anticipated a backlash that could've caused him to resign but it did not happen since people here are forgiving and only want progress due to bigger social and environmental problems needing immediate attention. also, if someone wants to move on from their past mistakes and focus on being a better person, shouldn't it be wiser to focus on the ones that DON'T want to do the same? the ones that deliberately do offensive shit to be offensive with no intent to apologize or feel any remorse? I feel like that's an actual problem in opposed to Trudeau doing something wrong (more than once yes I know but in his words, he didn't know any better and he recognized, ever since it was exposed last year, that he never should've done it even once in the first place) and actually caring about the situation he put himself through by apologizing and feeling authentic remorse. he knows now that it was dumb and like any dumb mistake that we make, wishes to go back and undo it.

  8. This makes no sense like how is it racist for a white person to fake a foreign accent when ppl in my country (in Africa) use fake english and American accents all the time .does that make us racist then?