Truck of shredded Pennsylvania “mail in” ballots found in truck trailers in Seymour, Indiana

Recently a man found what looked like the leftovers of the shredding of an unknown amount of Pennsylvania ballot forms. Apparently these are applications for mail in ballots. The man says there are more trailers that have the same thing in them. They trailers were found in Seymour, Indiana. The question is, why are all the mail in ballot forms being shredded in the back of truck trailers. Of course, the interesting thing about a truck trailer is it can provide a temporary “hideaway” to do something while in between locations. You can drive to a location – stop – do what you need to do – then continue.

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. Those are Rejects. They Get stuck in the Machine and are torn. Then Put in a Bin for Recycling.

    A Printing Company will Reprint all of the Defective flyers.

    Some Companies might not reprint the bad ones and take a "Shortcut".

    Its wouldnt be a way of cheating an election , but to cheat the company buying the prints.

  2. Someone should span Trumps twitter with this so he see's it. That Trailer should have an ID number. Track where it's been and you'll have a better understanding of those involved.

  3. Wooooow, we are soooo screwed. No way Trump wins this one, still voting but there's simply no way. Prepare for impact…communism.

  4. They are APPLICATIONS for mail in ballots. They are NOT the ballots themselves. I have a feeling this is causing much confusion. It's still shady, but they're not stealing votes, at least not yet or we're aware of yet.

  5. The mail sort machines are being used to rig the election. Here is how the machines are being used:

    Ever since the 1990's the mail sort machines have been able to read hand printed envelopes and from the address on them, they can barcode them and the barcode is what is used to get the mail to your house. The address database that allows them to know what barcode to put on the envelopes has been merged with the voter records by the people stealing this election, and the mail sort machines themselves are throwing ballots from the addresses of registered republicans in the trash. When the machine throws the ballot in the trash, it then registers the vote as having been cast, and puts all the voter's data in a file that is used to fill out a new fake mail in ballot for Biden and other Democrats. It is a perfect vote theft system, there's no way they can get caught because all the vote totals will be accurate. This is obviously a very brazen way to steal an election, but the corruption is deep …

  6. This would be a criminal matter in some countries. If I found this in Germany I'd call the police. Does nobody care? I guess that's why cheating is so flaming easy, any low wage lefty can just chuck stuff they don't like without consequences?