Trucker Convoy Heading To DC. Nation’s Capital Returning To POLICE STATE?

Briahna Joy Gray discusses the neoliberal exploitation of the Canadian truckers protest.

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  1. We have bypassed the police state and moved to a militarized/stasi state. Democrats have requested and the pentagon has approved national guard for the protest. After normalizing this type of force, comes limiting free speech, political discourse, and democracy. Based on history, there is a high probability that the FBI infiltrating the trucking itself, maybe a few them wanting their own type …….. you know.

  2. Covid-cases are decreasing rapidly all over the world, hospitals aren't even close to being overwhelmed, deaths have been declining for months now. The truckers are just the beginning of public revolt against restrictions and mandates which no longer are necessary. It is time to lift all restrictions and return to normal again. We all need to learn to live with Covid. The truckers are correct.

  3. Glad to hear that some people on the left are against government crackdowns and supporting these protests because yes. These people have a point. The right wing is responding well to neoliberalism and half of the left (the Marxist and socialist left) are responding to these events as well.

  4. Watch conservatives scream "yes Bri, tell them on the left ". Then turn around and scream about arresting BLm blocking highways and telling people to run over them. Hypocrites. Watch em in this comment section.

  5. Emergency powers are often at times the main path to autocracy so if Congress were to give Biden these emergency powers, he'll be sure to become a dictator. But these emergency powers remain in place along with Trump, I know so folks on the left will be fearing for their lives, but if Trump does want to get things done and if Biden doesn't return the emergency powers to congress, Trump could use them to shut down MSNBC and special interest groups involved with interfering with our politics and legislative efforts.

  6. I’m so confused. I lived in minneapolis during the George Floyd protests. My city burned for a week and everyone kowtowed to the woke mob. This trucker protest is the first “right leaning” protest I can think of in recent memory that’s had a big impact.

  7. Of course the 'left' is envious of how these convoys have been effective. The 'left' can't see it because they have been infiltrated by Neoliberal anti-populism that's violent and focused on identity politics.

  8. Instead of putting them down for succeeding where the other side has failed, why not join them? We support freedom for all and quite frankly more of the left's policies than most realize. Stop the division and start working together. I think there's much more we all have in common than most reporting actually makes obvious.

  9. Remember when BLM protestors took over part of Seattle for some of the summer and put in their own armed militia to replace police and did not let police/emergency services into the area they controlled? Remember the rapes/assaults/robberies and murders that took place in the zone? Remember how the media and government responded to all of this?

  10. About the ability to shut down capital, it really helps if you know how to do things. Like drive things, fix things, build things, maintain things. You know, actually doing things. Most people at BLM rallies seem to be better at screaming things.

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