Truckers Encircle Washington DC Beltway, Will Continue Daily Until Convoy’s Demands Are Met

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  1. If we, the ordinary people of the world do not learn to SELF RULE then we will always have the boot of the ages-old Totalitarian Rulers stamping on our face. Call them any new name you wish, Communism, Socialism, Marxism; they are the Totalitarians that the ordinary people of the world have always been used and abused by.
    WE, the ordinary people, always end up standing in the rubble of the wars and Totalitarian monuments that they always make for themselves at our expense for their gain.
    Why did we, the people, become so politically lazy. Unvetted and corrupted politicians have been allowed to make decisions "for us – for our own good" over the years until they have become our masters now in 2022 – why?
    Why did parents hand over generations of their children to be "educated" by such monsters? Are we also corrupted?

    Why not learn to SELF RULE and actively guard against such people getting into our system? There is the false claim that Socialism has not worked because it has not been properly applied when proof of it's failure is there throughout history and particularly in recent history – will the same excuse also now be accepted for the idea of SELF RULE by the people.

    Totalitarians are always waiting in the back ground .
    "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." These words have often been attributed to Thomas Jefferson , but also to Thomas Paine , Abraham Lincoln , and many others; Lord Denning in The Road to Justice (1988) states that the phrase originated in a statement of Irish orator John Philpot Curran in 1790: "It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active."
    In other words don't be lazy (indolent) when it comes to politics if you really do want SELF RULE and have freedom from tyrants and oppression. Regards.

  2. Don't get into a trap they hate the American people!! God bless the brave people driving and working to feed and put stock on the shelves. We love you all❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸⏳🗽🗽

  3. USA needs to go back to individual business owners like many of these truck drivers. One great thing about San Francisco is it has more small business owners than any city in California 👍🏼Take back our businesses and our economy from corporate control.

  4. given how Biden is happy to buy oil off dictators around the world, not pump US oil, and seemingly do all he can to cripple the US economy I think he will continue to act like a dictator until he is removed from office

  5. ❤️🇺🇲💪🇺🇲💯🇺🇲👏🇺🇲🙏 God Bless America!! Thank you all who are sacrificing their time and/or money to participate or support this effort!!

  6. It sounds like the zionist FBI and Mayorkas of homeland security has hijacked the supposed leadership of the truckers convoy and have already rendered it useless in any real negotiations with the biden's bunch of zionist government that don't much matter anymore! They've already got a "new" catastrophic agenda that they don't have to pretend to give a shit about the american people anyhow! Besides, just dropping mandates that nobody is paying any attention to anyway, is not enough! Heads are going to have to roll for the crimes that have been committed against the American people, before this will be over, ever! So roll on to your next lies, but the American people aren't through with the criminals of the last one!

  7. Jim Jordan is farking annoying with his political correctness. I mean it is a rape but it could be that the child wanted it…that's what he sounds like when he tries to be all nice about what the evil demoncrats did. He did the same with the stolen election..what's next..paedophilia condoned by him

  8. I am an M.D. from Florida…I was a trucker in college…Trust the government..They are just here to help..Thank you and keep telling Fauci and Forbes and Newsom and CNN and Brandon and Trudeau that I am an M.D. from Florida that actually treats patients..Please listen to this video again and remember..Fauci just gave over $50 Million dollars to the 3 "researchers" who he got to "denounce" the origin of COVID being from the LAB Theory…I trained earlier than you all and it is disappointing that nothing seems to have changed…In medical school then and now we only were taught (1) vaccines are SAFE, (2) Vaccines WORK, (3) vaccines do NOT cause adverse events/side-effects, (4) Follow the CDC vaccine guidelines, they are never wrong..
    So, we were ordered to learn the babies' ages to keep bringing the children back in for "Well-Baby" Visits ( = these are really just for Vaccine injections)….to train the parents…..We were NOT taught the vaccine ingredients, like latex, peanut oil, antibiotics, pig and cow DNA, or the vaccine side-effects or that neuro-toxic thimerosal, or neuro-toxic Mercury, were in vaccines, or learn the direct relationship to Guillain-Barre, SIDS, paralysis, seizure, permanent mental development spectrums, etc. are medical facts that should have been taught and learned also.It is unacceptable that this is still not taught, but, even worse, that No Medical school or their graduates (Doctors) seem to care..It is DIABOLICAL that these medical facts are being censored, suppressed, and blocked..and it seems to be by the same people and the same political party…WHY???Since doctors are still oblivious to these items, here is how to "cure" our ignorance on this..All 50 states require M.D.s to have CME (Continuing Medical Education) and almost all require/mandate some of those hours ….ALL 50 state Board of Medicines require vaccinations …So, let's ask our own Board of Medicine to require at least a 1-hour course in vaccines to be required to keep/renew or licenses  

  9. Old Joe should talk with the truckers…after all, he is talking to Venezuela, Iran, and others….
    Durham needs to send out a flurry of indictments and clean out these traitors

  10. Tried to subscribe for one yr to Epoch Tiimes so I tapped on the link for free 14 day try. A form & lit concerning joining for 1 year @$49.99, popped up. Just as I was about to select it another ad/offer pops up in front of it where the membership is $9.99 month. That's $120 yr vs their 1st offer of $49 per year… WTH? Site asks me to contact someone else + phone number. If they want me they will have to fix issue or stop the offer switch.

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