Truckers Strike At US Canada Border In Protest Of Vax Mandates Blocking Traffic Between Countries

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  1. I am a truck driver with 25yrs of experience, I have had my CDL since I was 18. Does anyone with a teenage driver think its a good idea to give them a 80,000 lbs semi truck and turn them loose on the country? When a factory closes down the state labor board sends as many factory workers to CDL school to give them a new job and make it look like there is no problem. Do you think that you can learn to drive a semi truck in all weather conditions in 10 weeks, when your training them in Arizona or Texas? Snow, Ice, Freezing rain.

    Their is no truck driver shortage, never has been. Truck drivers are sick of making $1-2 per hour for all the time they have to actually spend keeping the truck moving, all the time sitting at a warehouse, sitting at a truck stop being told "I'll get back to you, just wait." Sitting in a semi truck 500-1000 miles from home waiting on dispatch to figure out the next load, waiting on a warehouse worker to load/unload.

    Personal favorite BS lines:
    Warehouse worker at 8am: "Don't worry, I'll get you taken care of before I go home at 5pm."
    Trucking company: "I know your out of hours to drive and its 500 miles but you need to figure it out and be there on time in the morning!"
    Dispatch to driver: "What's the big deal? You only have to drive across a major city during rush hour and be on time. Its only 20 minutes@night and you have 30 minutes@4pm"

    Its against the law to force a driver to keep driving past the Hours of Operation limits, but their are no laws against a company cut your loads and pay to starve you out for not doing it.

  2. You tube has removed the thumbnail for this video, it shows the removed/unavailable icon in my feed, but the video still works when I click on it. If I look up the video on your page the thumbnail is there.

  3. Trudeau is no mastermind. Ask people who have been serving in the liberal party in Canada. They say he used to be a backbencher and he only got elected cause of his dad.

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