Trudeau Allows China to Run Police Stations in Canada to Monitor Chinese Nationals.

Chinese nationals have fled the dictatorship to live free here in Canada, but Trudeau’s government has allowed the Chinese Communist party to install police services to monitor and harass Chinese people living here.

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  1. The problem is most of the general public has ZERO idea this stuff is going on and get their news in Canada from the mainstream. Ask about the Liberal NDP coalition and they will think you are a conspiracy theorist. This is why we need a free press that has ZERO financial and political connection with the government.

  2. So we are not a free democracy . We all see how Chinese treat their own people. Trudeau new goon squad .Going to a other Country too watch their own people is just sad!

  3. Justin must have a woody thinking he's steps away from that which he admires so much. Can't wait until the moving van tosses his crap out of our house and cottages.

  4. Same is happening in the UK, not a lot of people know about it cos our media is as corrupt as it is in Canada (Not 1 msm channel here showed the global protests, and they certainly never showed the brave truckers and their supporters standing against the tyranny in Canada). They chynese police set up not profits, and use that as a front to go after people who have fled their country. They are then extradited to face 'justice'.

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