Trudeau Demands Crypto Wallet Info & Company Tells Him To Eat Shlt



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  1. Here’s the cure Canada you go right to your house of Parliament and you drag that drag that little pussy out by his hair and executors freaking tired ass they can’t stop you there’s only 10 of them millions of you you guys tell the government what to do just like the old days over in France and England when the kings got too much asinine they got beheaded Time to let loose take their asses down show them who is the boss it’s weird people and update a few not it is we the people not they the few

  2. The main reason the Canadian Government is able to get away with this so easily and is not afraid of their Citizens is because they don't have a 2nd Amendment and ALL weapons for self defense are outlawed, including Guns, pepper spray, mace, tasers, stun guns, batons, Kitty Key chains, etc. and the ONLY reason this isn't happening in the U.S. right now, is because WE THE PEOPLE DO HAVE this GOD given RIGHT to Own and Bare Arms. WHY do you think the Socialist Party (Democrats) have been and are currently attempting to repeal the 2nd Amendment ???

  3. Stack silver and gold, I saw this coming while back and barely use paper money,, even better the mint upgraded its system and there is no record of my purchases😁
    They think they can control us,

  4. I wish the elite would realize and make it stick that private accounts are meant to stay private not "we can do as we want since we can take what we want at will and you have to sit back and deal with it" So glad that company said pound sand.

  5. They are literally telegraphing to everyone what they are planning to do to their public, all of their public, not just those who see what they are doing & trying to oppose it. Some idiots are cheering on the Tyrant & going like lambs to the slaughter, not even thinking what awaits them. With Bite-Me & Kamala not saying a word of disagreement about Canada, that tells us all we need to know to get prepared & also vote so many kick them out votes that their cheating cannot win.

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