Trudeau – Is This Your Liberal Hero?

Justin Trudeau has invoked emergency powers to deal with the Canadian freedom convoy – are these the actions of a liberal leader who believes in democracy?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I'm Canadian. What non-Canadians don't understand is that Trudeau always has been an idiot. Basically he's an actor (ironically he was drama school teacher previously). He never amounted to much before going into politics and only achieved success because of his last name and because people got tired of the previous PM, Stephen Harper. Since his victory over Harper in 2015, unfortunately he has won two more minority governments in the 2019 and 2021. The main opposition put forth two weak candidates both times so we have been stuck with Trudeau for almost seven years now. Maybe finally these trucker protests will compel the other parties to go for a non-confidence vote and get rid of him.

  2. In a Representative Democracy its never about the Politicians doing whatever they like, Exactly like a Despotic Dictatorship which is happening in Canada 🇨🇦 right now ! All decisions made in a Representative Democracy all Governmental decisions are supposed to be done in the open and open for public debate and scrutiny. The health decisions in and around Covid-19 🦠 has been done behind behind closed doors and the so called “health Experts” names have been kept from the public so that there has been Zero accountability and that’s been on purpose because they know under scrutiny their Covid-19 narrative falls apart and the fear stops and they need the fear to implement their Freemason Great Reset Agenda what has been done not only in Canada 🍁 over the last two years but the entire free world has been a crime against all humanity and criminal AND THEY MUST BE HELD TO ACCOUNT ALL WE ARE TO THESE EVIL CRIMINAL PRICKS ARE COMMODITIES

  3. Two years ago, here in Canada, the Moyawks barricaded railroads, armed with guns, preventing all train travel, for more than 10 days. Did the gouvernement issue a state of emergency? No. Did Trudeau representatives meet with the protesters? Yes. This vaccine mandate is the beginning of the digital identification. That’s why the government is not lifting the vaccine passeport. It’s a very disturbing time for us Canadians.

  4. The protesters have been at parliament for 2 weeks now. Go protesters! They have been set up by the government, they had lies published about them. Our pm has told them to go home she has heard them. But she won't personally talk to them it's aweful. The numbers are growing daily. I hope the protesters get our freedom back.

  5. We here in Canada are definitely in dark times, but this as we know is a global issue, Trudeau is just one of their puppets, if he was gone, 2 more will grow in his stead.
    And your right , most Canadians if being told the truth of whats going on, would rally and fight this also…. Trouble is, the powers at be are very clever… as long as most people aren’t effected, they won’t give a fuck!!!!!
    So, here we are. A big but small amount of Canadians fighting , saving the very existence of any freedom and liberties we as a country once knew.
    I’ve lived here all my life, raised 5 boys here and will fight to the day I die for our rights and god given freedom, no person can take that away !!!!
    I’m not a religious man, but definitely spiritual, so god In my words means Mother Earth, the life giver.
    This world has been through this before, many times, and will eradicate what is not working.
    I see an unbelievable amount of people coming together right now, and words from our very clever old chap Russell here is helping people see the truth…..
    Thank you Russell, your good shit is required!!!!!!!

  6. Half my family is from Ottawa, I was born and raised in Toronto, I now live in a free part of the US. Trudeau and his WEF cabinet are destined to lose. Truckers are in control, e.g. no more gas or food for Ottawa. Bonne chance!

  7. Thanks Russell and ur team for these takes on reality. I am from New Zealand… we seem to subject to a similar woke despot leadership.. maybe u guys could give us ur take on our protests and comically tyranical regime?? Thanks again…. the world is a better place with ur energy.. Nic

  8. I'm being sent videos of his footsoldiers running people down with horses, shooting people at point blank range, and dragging people out of view and gang beating them.

    The Federal police of Canada are hostile insurgents and must be destroyed.

    This is not a laughing matter, Russel.

  9. Actually yes Russell he is and the longer you go on defending this trucker convoy bullshit the sillier you look. This is a movement that is incredibly unpopular outside of conservative circles.

  10. Racism is simply the desire to preserve your race. I don't know what is wrong with that most people have this idea that racism is about killing every race out. That is the evolution fairy tale.
    Truckers need to regroup along with the rest of us cowards and make it way worse for the cops and government.
    If the cops start shooting you need tens of thousands or more tough fighters take the cops down throw them in their own jails get guns from the States the cop armouries. Then Trudy and company can really start sweating.
    The it is not just the fake plague restrictions but gun control hate laws the whole red trash that has been built up since the end of World War 2 especially gone.
    Actually I hate the pansy conservatives about a million times more than people like Trudy. If they would have been repealing these laws over the decades instead of letting them stand. This nonsense masks vaccines would not have got off the ground any government that tried it would of been overthrown and lynched in 24 hours. Dale

  11. Russell, you didn’t mention that it was Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre, who was the last Prime Minister to invoke the act in Québec in 1970 under similar dubious circumstances. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree..

  12. Democracy has become a stale chewing gum in politics that covers a vicious tyranny. How do you know there is a protest in a Canadian city?
    You hear a helicopter hovering, monitoring the streets, its close sound is threatening, you see few people carrying signs then you see them running when the policeforce closes on them. The whole situation is frightening for those in the street even if they are not part of the protest. When the government takes strong measures against any protest, it tells how frightened it is, it shows others how fragile it is. So it tolerates no protesting and has no democratic tendency at all. It is the policy of the government that knows what best for the people regardless of its ignorance and failures, it does not accept a second opinion, it is one view only or it cracks down violently any objection to scare the rest.

  13. Trudeau the dictator. We are having a worldwide issue. Anti protestors calling law abiding citizens nazi slurs just because they chose freedom over suppression. Its weird. But someone is deliberately driving an agenda of division, hatred, and social injustice masked as social change.

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