Trudeau Revokes Authoritarian Emergency Powers!

With the Trucker Convoy’s occupation of Ottawa concluded, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that the emergency powers he instituted to deal with the protests have been revoked. Nevertheless, questions remain about the constitutionality of Trudeau’s authoritarian assumption of these emergency powers and what kind of precedent the move sets for crackdowns on future protests.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the implications of Trudeau’s authoritarian impulses.

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  1. The people that normally don’t want to be filmed are never the good guys. Why wouldn’t the police want to be filmed if they weren’t doing anything wrong? Its because they know it’s wrong but are apart of the tyrannical government and aren’t there to protect the people they’re there to protect the people that put them in power.

  2. This might have to do with whats going on in Ukraine. Maybe he knew there would be protest in Russia against putin and he (putin) would swiftly put em down , he( Trudeau)probably did not want to be compared to that . Maybe??

  3. I had to add John Oliver to my shit list of shit libs after I saw his piece on the Canadian truckers. Even one of the best shows in the comedy news genre…showing the puppet strings of The Hand behind all this.

  4. Did the world forget that the rockefeller family got their wealth thru the money slavery underpayed work which today is stil going on hence the 15 minimumn wage wil never be implemented , al these wealthy families earned their wealth thru screwing the working people in another time medieval times the commoners or peasents were nothing more then servants (a more civilized word then slave) a slave nevertheless and today this is stil going on slaves to capitalism !

  5. What the truckers in Canada(eh) should do next is… just stop trucking. I’d help pay them NOT to work in this situation. Then when Canada(eh)’s economy’s wheels really come off, I want to see what the PM poodle does then. I bet he’d have to compel or conscript truckers back in to service under threat of jail. Boy wouldn’t that be something. Compelling a worker to work against his will. How do you spell gulag?

  6. I knew covid19 was scam from 40yr plus 60minutes reporter got a ceo of a drug maker admit the 70s swine flu scare was a fraud. But now thanks to buying off media worldwide we have a coordinated lie machine

  7. Jimmy is quoting WSJ. What a world, what a world! Max: "The Lockdown Left". Philological genius with alliteration. So the Neo-Liberals are the counter part of the Neo-Cons. Interesting.

  8. My people (Punjabi's), Bengalis when they were fighting the British Oppression for indipendence chose violence and boycott's when they fought them. On the other side Majority of Gujarati's and Marathas etc chose non-violence and boycott's. The combination of both got the British and their puppets scared for their lives and also scared for their livelihoods. What i wana say is any opressor must be scared for its life and livelihood for him or her to stop.

  9. His name is Officer Jones… and he assaulted that poor woman seconds after leaving a shop he was threatening to bust the windows out of to gain access which you can also find footage of that harassment on YouTube and it’s horrible.. and not to be conspiracy theory minded.. but the little old man that was roughed up for honking his horn earlier that week…the officer in that incident was also a Officer Jones.. so there are three possibilities with this…there are multiple maniacal officer Jones in the city of Ottawa… or the city is issuing blanket names (Jon Doe) for officers to avoid identification… or their is one Officer Jones that is a very scary individual with a badge.

  10. 😄😚😂😂😙😃😄😚😄😋😋😄😚😎😄😚😎😚😄😚😎😄😎😄😚😋😄😚😋😄😄😋😚😄😚😋😄😚😋😚😄😋😄😚

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