Trudeau Supports Protests Against Covid Lockdowns IN CHINA

Justin Trudeau and the mainstream media come out in support of protests against covid lockdowns and the policies of the Chinese Communist Party not one year after Invoking the Emergencies Act on peaceful protests here in Canada for the same thing.

CTV News:

Glen McGregor’s vendetta:

Trudeau Supports Protests:

Avi Yemini:

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  1. Nevermind that it was a year ago, that jackass captain sparkle socks was on the stand a week ago testifying to his innocence and how he was justified in his actions against us Canadians.

  2. Maybe thats why Trudeau is always going ah ah uh duh uum uh because his mind is flipping out , this is right for china but wrong for Canada uh uh I um uh
    He's literally flipped out all the time uh uh um a um uhuh WHAT AN IDIOT ! and the whole world agrees . What an embarrassment to Canada .

  3. Is Trudeau not even the 'least bit' self aware! Has he absolutely no idea that the population can go on the internet and watch his hypocrisy? Who does he think he's fooling? He is absolutely unbelievable and anyone that trusts this clown is a gullible fool!

  4. Hope people realize Trudeau is intentionally gas lighting non vaccinated Canadians in order to antagonize them.
    So he has targeted a Canadian minority , and tried to get the majority to support him , against them .
    When they protested , he stepped in and said I'm the only one who can solve this .
    This is all straight out of the dictator's playbook .

    Fortunately , Neil Oliver identified what Trudeau was doing after Trudeau 's hate comments in Dec 2021 .

  5. I know I keep harping on this but I think it's important to point out. Why are the so called leaders not wearing masks and the rest are. A disease will only affect the pions but not the leaders? Just wondering. Trudeau so incredibly inauthentic. BS baffles brains! Wake up people!

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