Trudeau Threatens Covid Restrictions if 80-90% of Canadians Not ‘Up to Date’ on Boosters

A whopping 12% of Canadians have had a 4th dose and PM Justin Trudeau is threatening more lockdowns if this number doesn’t reach 80-90% by this fall.

True North article:

Health Minister urges booster:

Vaccination stats Canada:

Family ripped apart by Trudeau’s government:

Tim Pool on YouTube’s TOS:

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  1. It is soooo grosss listening to truturdeau pretending he cares about canadians!! The only thing he is concerned about is his agenda ! I WILL NOT COMPLY WITH A TYRANT !!!!!!!!!!! HE BULLCRAPED US ONCE HE WILL NEVER GET ME TWICE!! I WILL NEVER COMPLY!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ludicrous. I can’t even begin to list the misinformation that the government has been propagating on almost every single topic you could possibly touch on. Sadly, it’s been going on a very long time and is not restricted to Trudeau or the liberals or even Canada. A new government may alleviate some of the nonsense that has been put into place and is yet to be implemented but they will not remove everything. They will keep all the nice handy parts that the “nasty liberals” enacted and blame them for the next round of measures that the people need to “protect” them. I’m tired of government bureaucrats telling Canadians what they think is good for them and what Canadians want. They have no clue and never intend to know, it’s all a big script.

  3. I feel so sorry for you Canadians he really talking about more lockdowns ?…In the UK we have a booster for those that want it but otherwise we are all free…no masks or lockdowns….the cost of living is far more important ..

  4. I saw this coming. He bought shares in Moderna and now he's
    got to make them pay off to fulfil his fantasy of becoming the
    Canadian Bill Gates. His greed knows no bounds. The only
    people I know who have had covid were all vaccinated. Since
    when does that narcissist care about the health of Canadians?
    This is all about him abusing power , threatening more lock –
    downs, so that his shares pay off big. It won't happen. Too
    many people know those jabs are toxic and will not be getting
    boosters due to the horrific side-effects of that vaccine.

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