Trudeau’s Health Minister: govt to hold vaccines to protect against “new variants and new waves”

Trudeau’s Health Minister says the govt is holding onto vaccines because they say the pandemic is not over and it’ll protect us by:

“enlarging the set of tools that we’ll be able to draw on, when these new variants and new waves will come”

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  1. We have millions of extra vaccines. Health Canada approved them, so what's the harm injecting 2-3 year old vaccines for an old virus? Don't you want a few weeks of protection from the new variants? Yeah you can still spread it and you might even get a stroke, blood clots or myocarditis, but don't believe Pfizer's own data…er…I mean… misinformation on vaccine harm 😜

  2. Just go away, no more, leave us alone. Trudeau is just doing this crap to justify what he did to the truckers in Ottawa. Got to keep the hate machine a rolling. Pick your side, going to be a bumpy ride.

  3. Translation – sooner rather than later we the tyrranical government will become even more tyrranical. This isn't just happening in Canada, people around the world need to actually look at the legislature that their governments are passing. They're slowly stripping away rights, and freedoms of the people. While giving themselves, and big corporations, and their rich owners freedom to do as they please.

  4. We Canadian must start REVOLT all across whole Canada coast to coast to get rid off this dictators. This is our only legal option to make change and this Trudo gangster gowerment make HISTORY for ever.

  5. Funny how there are no approved vacancies in the USA, they are all still emergency authorizations and will need to prove they are safe over the next 5 years

  6. i hear this bizarre slogan repeated all over the place refering to "the tools" wtf is with that why is everyone using those specific words

  7. 6 variants in 2 years……..NO AMOUNT OF MEDICAL SORCERY COULD KEEP UP.
    like seriously?
    how do you think vaccines work???

    these bozos have less than 47% efficacy rate of a bug that mutates 1/3 as less.
    and have known about it for eons.

    now, a "brand new" novel virus comes out…..which mutates 3 times faster.
    they think they know it??!!?

    no way Josey!

    fun fact: Moderna applied and received billion+ to make something …….they had never made before (vaccines)
    …..I think the CERN (LHC) reactor did something to the world.

  8. If the vaccines work then why do u fear these "new" variants. Bunch of liars that bought 400 million jabs and noone wants them. I hate these ppl!!!!!! Destroying our country!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡

  9. Trudeau purchased 300 million vaccines because he is invested in big pharma. It wasn't for Canadians, it was for him to receive bigger kickbacks. When will people really understand Trudeau's purpose?

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