Trudeau’s Riot Cops CRACKDOWN On Freedom Truckers Purging Protest, DC Police Prepare For US Convoy

Trudeau’s Riot Cops CRACKDOWN On Freedom Truckers Purging Protest, DC Police Prepare For US Convoy. Tow trucks with no license plates were brought in to remove freedom convoy trucks from Ottawa.

Justin Trudeau is being slammed as an autocrat over his abuse of emergency powers to remove peaceful protesters.

In the US a Freedom convoy is preparing to leave from California to DC. Police in DC have had their leave recalled in preparation for the upcoming protest.

The double standard in politics has never been more apparent as BLM, Antifa, Leftist, and Democrat activists decry the movement while not even that long ago supporting CHAZ/CHOP and occupy protests.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Tim is wrong ….. I did say blm shouldn't be able to block roadways……. because they were pulling people out of their cars and beating people …… they also would stand, jump and smash private property ….. I doubt there'll be any of that ignorance at the freedom convoy.

  2. The bill wasn't just abt obstructing roadways Tim. It was abt people getting ripped out of their cars getting beat half to death. You could motor through if you were in danger and not be charged with vehicular manslaughter
    The people in Canada are not just sitting back, watching, saying everything is fine. And what would you be doing if you were a Canadian Tim? Probably just blabbing about it on your room to a camera. Youd just pull your beanie down like an ostrich with it head in the sad. You don't got the grit Tim.

  3. This is literally how you turn the entire population against the government with valid cause, leaving the government with no leg to stand on and the door open to an almost imminent revolution that Trudeau really should be afraid of.

  4. I'll happily mail $20 bucks cash to anywhere needed. This isn't over. The truckers don't have to blockade anything. All they have to do is go home. No industrialized country and last long when no freight moves with in it's borders.

  5. from Canada… appreciate the support i guess?.. but you're take on this was almost entirely wrong. truckers are being barricaded in by cement barricades by the city. the truckers have always had a minimum of one lane open for emergency vehicles.. they're even shoveling the snow for other vehicles to drive through because the city won't send in the sidewalk plows.. and the mandates went away in 2 of the 11 provinces so it's not working… and the province they are currently protesting in has plans to crack down even harder with mandates.

  6. I think the truckers should ban together and just not supply Washington DC with supplies. I've heard New York City only has enough food to last approximately 3 days before their shelves would be completely empty. They wouldn't even have to get arrested, just decide not to deliver. A trucker sick out for 7 days would hurt most cities, a trucker sickout for 14 days and people are starving.

  7. CHRIS SKY REPORTS THE ARRESTS ARE FAKE It seems to be somewhat true at least for some They were roughed up, got pushed into vehicles and they drove them a few miles away and kicked them out in the cold. On mrsunshinebaby channel

  8. It's going to take extreme violence to run these communists out of office and uniform.
    I'm a pu$$y or I'd do it.
    However, I will be cheering loudly for any who do fight back by any means necessary.

  9. Wait a minute, the construction guarantees peaceful protests not "mostly peaceful protests". A few truckers blocking the street is very different from blm protests that looted thousands of stores and burned down businesses.

  10. I've just copied and pasted this, but one can see photos as well of the damage done, but oddly the state broadcasters don't call it terrorism: "BREAKING: Axe-wielding mob violently attacks pipeline work site in northern BC, one officer injured A group of approximately 20 axe-wielding individuals attacked a Coastal GasLink work site where they violently engaged with employees, security and police officers. One RCMP officer was reportedly injured in the arson attack."

  11. I believe blocking roadways should be illegal, but I think it's also a morally acceptable way to protest. I think it should probably be punishable by a fine, but I'd be pretty easy to swing either way tbh

  12. Canadian here – this is absolutely the death of democracy In Canada. They've used the tactics of communist china, and they're coming for the US next.

    War has been declared on the citizens of the world because they dont want to submit to the slavery of authority. There is no neutrality in this. You are either on the side of Tyranny or Freedom.

    We are either free, or slaves. Everyone will make this choice this year.


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