Trudeau’s Terror Troopers

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  1. How horrible that the narcissistic bully, Trudo, would dare press criminal charges and go after peoples finances for peacefully protesting. He is a horrible, dangerous person. I would equate him with the beginning of Hitler

  2. Absolute BANANAS! Baffles me just how some people have adopted tyranny like it’s a normal thing. It really looks like the government is concerned with the peoples safety eh

  3. I hope people understand the importance of firearm ownership by private citizens. If the police/military can own something I think I should be able to as well. Helps even the odds

  4. I think it's tactically unwise to call them WEF soldiers. We know what you mean, but it means you can't really link that video to anyone not already on "our" side because for most normal people that don't know too much about what's going on it just sounds like conspiracy bullshit and poisons the well of the whole video

  5. About that Policemen assaulting a woman's camera/phone… throw that f***ker into a jail for couple months for not knowing a thing about his damn law. Defund/Abolish Police everywhere!

  6. Stop paying taxes.
    The government produces anything, it only takes and then redistributes it. Without the access to the money and goods the citizens created they are completely incompetent.

  7. The one guy who was reported carrying a sw■stik■ flag was using it as a warning "Is this what you want as your Canadian flag?". Not the best optics in retrospect, the media of course jumped on it to label the protester as a fascist extremist. After two years, the lies are not going to stop anytime soon.

  8. W…….. T……… F?!?!?! I'll be in DC when the American Freedom Convoy arrives there to support the American People and to show support for our Canadian brothers and sisters that stood first.

    Our commie government will be prepared and will be gauging the optics of how this all looks to the world while they're preparing for our arrival. I expect Pelosi and Biden to be more than happy to gun down peaceful protesters. I can imagine them sitting up late at night on the phone discussing all the exciting tactics that they'll get to use on The People that they look at as "less than" and their enemy.

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