TRUE Courage: She Risked it ALL

A few thoughts from ANOTHER brave doctor

Filmed on Saturday 24th September 2022

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  1. What an important piece of the archive of this time..
    This video is worthy of tens of thousands of views, and maybe over time it will get that..

    These doctors and nurses from AMPS speak so well..
    It's amazing to hear these medical professionals, and not just of the last 2 years, but everything which has gotten in the way of them being doctors.

    I hope doctors can be doctors again, in a way that I haven't seen, nor my parents have seen..
    I look forward to what else good doctors need to be doctors again, for now it's clearing up the doctor-patient relationship, but I wonder what will be next (education, research..)

    No turning back from the courageous, bold and righteous path now, onwards..

    Thank God for MG. Beautiful bible verse!

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