TRUE: Joe Rogan BLASTS Biden Has A “Non-Leader” Who Is “OUT OF HIS MIND”! Wake Up!


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  1. Joe Biden is what you get when people do NOT use logical thought and proper analysis when voting. Yes his mind is gone but I doubt he would remember all these other things that are true to the liberal-left in this country. Joe Biden is the bye product IE side effect of the liberal-left so why are you surprised. All booksmart and theories and no real substance is all the left really is. They had really nobody else to put up to run so they got a grifter Tammany Hall huckster like Biden. Now he can't remember anything important or note worthy. In the realm of current events. This is an futile exercise in utter indecisive wrongheaded foolishness.

  2. Biden made a starting statement about American’s opposing Biden’s attempts to actually take away and deny them of their 2nd Amendment rights, saying he and the federal government has jets and nuclear weapons! Like he was threatening Americans!

  3. I am a Latino man, not a Latinx!!! Every Latino should go against these liberal morons given us names that are offending our religious beliefs. Most Latinos are REAL Catholics not fake ones like Joe. WE DID NOT BELEIVE IN GENDER NEUTRAL BS.

  4. Doesnt how you vote, they cheated and got caught and no one is doing
    anything about it. Doesnt matter how you vote, its rigged and no one is
    gonna fix it.

  5. When my wife told me the globalist story 6 years ago, I thought she was crazy. Now I can't not see it everywhere.NWO? PS gas at my place just hit $4 a gallon. Was around $2, 6 months ago

  6. I'm not an American. I agree with Joe Rogan. That nobody does anything to get rid of JB is unreal. Must say we weren't surprised that he brought Comedy Central 1 to the G6 summit. You can't take the US seriously these days that's a fact and can't count them as part of the summit. Power has shifted to Europe.

  7. The whole world can see what’s going on with Biden. It’s so cringingly obvious. The only people that don’t seem to see it or at least they’re happy to cover it up is the MSM which, in my mind, makes the MSM traitors to the American people!
    But there is way way worse to come when Cackling Kalamity Harris takes over as president. It’s going to happen and sooner than we think. That is when America will become a true socialist country! Once that happens there will be no getting rid of them. The democrats are the single biggest threat to the US in its history!

  8. Just got home from Trump Rally in Ohio 2021!!!
    It was amazing!!! Trump spoke for about 2 hours! No gaffs, no stuttering, no forgotten lines and names! It was so inspiring! Oh and thousands of people and not one riot! Not one fight! Their beautiful town wasn’t burned down! Sarasotta FL is next!!! ??

  9. I don't know if I just never noticed the disingenuous nature of the democratic party before this particular Administration but my god I've never been lied to so much… well maybe my ex-wife

  10. From an outside perspective: this administration seems to be more about damage control…damage of their own doing whereas the Trump administration was about getting stuff done. The crisis' and the way it was dealt with is very telling.

  11. Anyone with half a brain knows that Joe and Kamala are horrible people, terrible leaders, and they are running this country into the ground.