Truly Unbelievable that this happened

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Minorities for Trump…..

Written by Kevin's Corner


  1. I so love you man. This was the funniest video of creepy sleepy sloppy Grandpa Joe I have seen yet. Keep em coming. I love that you threw in In living color outtakes. ❤️❤️❤️??☮️

  2. Well, if we are dallying in In Living Color, you should throw up some clips of Fire Marshall Bill! The similarities are uncanny! ?

  3. Haha man this guy is gone….and the Democrats especially in the Black community who ran to the polls like they we're on the Olympic track team are quiet as a church mouse.

  4. Not unbelievable. A bunch of people in the USA do not care about consequences of their decisions or actions. But someday soon they will. They are as corrupted as a Miami beachfront apt complex.

  5. "Trans veterans" all four of them? Actually I take that back. I don't think there are any trans veterans. You can't go kicking doors in the middle east and then come back and say "Alright, I want a vagina." That's not how the world works.

  6. This isn't Biden. Compare to old pictures of the real one. Military is in control. Trump was never meant to win re-election, he did his part and allowed a foreign country to take over (democrats controlled by China). This gave Military the go to take over and arrest traitors. BIG things are happening. Enjoy the show but prepare for STHTF.

  7. ok…. good luck guys, with this guy as ur potus… really good luck to all of us around the world… 'cause he is the boss of the most powerful fighting force in history. ps, we are fucked.

  8. Time for cognizance test…interesting how they are not rushing forward to agree to this ? Bet they are working on details as to "how it can be rigged" in their favor.