Trump Accuses Obama Of “Biggest Political Crime” In History, WSJ Argues Obama Getting NERVOUS

Trump Accuses Obama Of “Biggest Political Crime” In History, WSJ Argues Obama Getting NERVOUS. Obamagate has gone viral with a consistent push from Donald trump himself on twitter.

Trump was responding to Buck Sexton who said that Obama had sabotaged the incoming administration. #Obamagate at the time of recording this video had over 3.5M tweets

New information has come to light showing that many Democrats such as Adam Schiff had been lying about evidence of Russian collusion from the Trump administration. Now we are learning that Obama actually knew about it and that former Obama administration officials may have lied under oath.

Republicans such as Devin Nunes are calling for criminal charges against many of these people.

As we get closer to november I expect to see more information and potentially incoming indictments


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. When Obama expelled the Russians and implemented sanctions on totally bogus grounds it was highly unusual for an outgoing administration to lay on an incoming administration.
    The thing that Obama can’t explain is if they they suspected Flynn why wouldn’t they brief the incoming administration which they never did. When Comey had the meeting with Trump and Flynn to present the the fake dossier both Flynn and the Obama administration both had received letters from UK intelligence disavowing the fake dossier. Comey was trying to threaten.
    It’s absolutely the biggest political crime along with the FBI/ US House obstructing justice for years to cover the crime.

  2. It's just that he doesn't know what the crime is Obama has committed, We all know trump blackmailed a country an got impeached, an called the Pandemic a hoax

  3. Seems to me that Obama prob lost alot of wealth and savings and deals due to covd19.. i think he is personally looking for a job or some kinda role in goverment by sticking his nose in and being overly out spoken.. however i thought part of the deal with being a ex prez is they are not allowed to get involed in current affairs nor are they accountable for anything they did when they were in power? i think its personal with obama, like money or possible re-election of some kind.. i think if corvid19 never happened, then Obama would never of happened nor this conversation..
    It wont be long till alot of the state governors loose jobs for doing nothing or for being far to forcefull and people start fighting over power. this is what happens when goverments keep power with in familes and the wealthy. you have to ask yourself when was the last time a commoner was in power?? you have only to read about American goverment members for 20mins to see they are all very much connected to each other via money and familes and inbred into the system since the founding. i find the united states, the states as a whole are heavily contradictive not only with the President but also with each other States, its like little countries with in a big county with its own state laws and rules and regs. makes having a Prez with power or a united flag pointless.. The senate failed as a concept in ancient Rome because it only works as an active empire with an active expanding army. Maybe America has to re-think the way it runs its own country and the many different states need to think as one, rather separate little countries or States trying to flex to be top the State…
    I thnk the Governor of New York has done an excellent job keeping corvid19 down and trying to save lives and the people of New York during the outbreak of Corvd19, but i was very discusted by all the Other states of America that wouldnt help, or they out bid the Governor on Ventilators and upped the prices! Thats not a united Country nor is it acting like it is… hope the Governor Of New York gets promoted, Honoured, a Statue, and remembered for his very hard efforts in saviing American lives in years to come.
    Its interesting that in the U.S Age of stability
    President James Monroe
    Presiident Tomas Jefferson
    Persident Theodore Rooservelt
    President Woodrow Wilson
    all agreed and were, and supported, the concept of an Isolationist country because America was in those times. You only have to look at Russia when they Set up the Iron Curtain between 1945 – 1991 that focusing on ones self can infact improve the country and well-being of citizans as a whole. Maybe if all countries followed that path it would be a better peacefull place..

  4. At minimum he has to get fired or he was gonna blow the whole russia conspiracy because he received the same letter that the then attorney general got & flynn was handed the same letter from UK intel that the british spy christopher steele was a flop & the dossier therefore was also a flop and they wouldve got caught. so remove flynn and continue the original plan to remove trump…..BOOM!!!!

  5. This is pretty stupid… There was reason to believe Flynn could be connected to Russia, and this after well-proven Russian election interference. Flynn has done other sketchy stuff too and been berated for it. If Obama DIDN`T get to know there was an investigation, now THAT would be weird. There was plenty of reason to suspect wrongdoing by Flynn enough to get a voluntary interview with him…
    Come on folks… This was all about protecting America from a potential threat, not political sabotage. The investigations didn`t find "nothing", just couldn`t prove without doubt cooperation between Trump campaign and Russia. There really is no crime here from the Obama administration. If there was, you should be able to tell what exactly was done illegally. None of you can point to it, nor can anyone else.

  6. "I was surprised.. I didn't know about it until I saw it on the news." — Barack Obama on the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Drone Strikes on civilians without trial, PRISM collecting our data and spying on us without a warrant, and Obamagate/Russian Collusion Hoax.

  7. Funny how key evidence keeps going bye-bye when important Dems have their bells in a vice. Epstein is the perfect case in point.