Trump Acquitted Again, As Seven Cuckservatives Join the Trump Derangement Cult

Romney, Sasse, Toomey, Collins, Cassidy, Burr, and Murkowski join the TDS sufferers:


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#Impeachment #Trump


  1. Your comments are (mostly!) spot on, but I think you're kidding yourself that populism is consolidating in the GOP. Immedietly after Schumer sowed his sour grapes, McConnell all but admitted that he should have voted to convict and floated the idea that Trump can now be charged criminally for anything he did in office.

  2. The democrats knew this impeachment trial was flogging a dead horse from the start. They knew they wouldn’t get Trump on this sham. This is why Georgia democrats is about start another sham by suing Trump in a criminal case for subverting democracy and racketeering. How the democrats can accuse others of that with a straight Face is laughable.

  3. The house managers case was so embarrassing the defense lawyers had the majority of their closing arguments consist of just dunking on the shitty case the house managers brought. It was pretty funny actually.

  4. I saw Cassidy came out on FB after decided to vote to go ahead with the trail. He tried to convince us from Louisiana he was doing the right thing. I am guessing his office got tons of calls about his decision. Now that he has voted to impeach, his office has been flooded for him to resign. Don’t understand why he threw away his career.

  5. This attempt at a bill of attainder fits perfectly with the left-wing desire to destroy anybody they see as an enemy. I honestly would not be surprised to see them try again.

  6. DUDE! Spend a few dollars on a mic stand. I know you won't read this because you think you have it all under control… Your sound level is shit since your started putting the mic down. I can't watch this videos if I have to strain to hear what you are saying. When you start losing viewers it will be because of your audio but you'll blame it on Tucker Carlson and YouTube.

    PS: Everyone else knew the names of the Republicans that were going to vote against Trump for at least a week.