Trump AGREES To Joe Rogan Moderated Debate With Biden, WE GOTTA GET BIDEN TO SAY YES

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  1. Joe Rogan is still a liberal shill. He showed that when he had Jack Dorsey on his podcast. Luckily you Tim were there the second time to oppose him

  2. This hypothetical debate sounds legendary. The event would pass Super Bowls, UFC events etc. I have liked Joe since he had hair in his early career. I have followed him through early UFC, stand up, Fear Factor, podcast and more. I just wonder if this a million dollar grab Tim. Joe Rogan's move to Spotify sounded epic, until it was revealed that his most "controversial" episodes were pulled. If it happened and he went hard in the paint on Trump, how much could the public be swayed?

  3. It would be great because Joe doesn’t like either of them. Lol. Honestly, Trump would do good, because he’s used to people coming after him. Biden isn’t used to real questions.