Trump And Melania Test POSITIVE For COVID19, Leftists Go Nuts Pushing Insane Theories He’s Faking It

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  1. Tim first thanks for being a REAL person that is in reality in the year 2020. I agree with what you say about the insanity and was wondering if you have seen the documentary called "The Social Dilemma" taking about persuasive technology, manipulation with subliminal messages. Just one of those things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. So the same people who said COVID is super contagious now don't believe the President can catch it from one of his aides. The left really can't hold a narrative, they flip flop so much

  3. I went over to the other side of the tracks and they are celebrating… say what you want about republicans… at least most of them don't act like animals.

  4. The script writer and producers for the 2020 year of The United States need to get fired. They've wasted like 6 good seasons worth of the show on a single season, and they won't have anything interesting left to do in coming years.

  5. THE mask thing is a JOKE! I walked into the DOLLAR STORE where I opened 2 sets of doors that were not automatic( how is that masks protecting me)?
    Went to the register which had plastic put over the keypad to input your code and had to touch it in order to punch in my PIN. how is the masks protecting me?
    Then I again had to use the handle to open the 1st set of doors and then the 2nd set of stores. HOW IS TAHT ASKs protecting me from all those germs? Ae there investigative journalist around? Touching things, then touching your face or rubbing eyes can contain mate. The masks is NOT MAGIC!!!

    Oh, same situation happened at the Post Office. As you walk in 3 sets of doors(2nd set of door had P.O. BOXES) you then have to stand 6 feet apart with your masks. This after touching all the germ infested door handles! What a JOKE!!!

  6. Rumor has it PDJT is taking hydroxychloroquine.
    If true & He comes out healthy which he will ,
    MSM & Left are in big trouble!

    It will go something like this-
    During height of COVID19 outbreak the Left , media majority & some doctors down played hydroxychloroquine effectiveness.
    They called it dangerous & promoted ban costing many thousands of lives.
    Hello Fox News “Neil Cavuto”……

    Enjoy the Trump show , it’s going to be fun ?

  7. Of course plenty are happy about what is happening to President Trump. I think there has to be a serious forensic look at whether he and the first lady were "dosed" with the virus; it's interesting that the Democrats who were at the debate seem to have been immune, since they are clear. We know that a person is not very infectious for the first 1-2 days, so dosing him while in transit to or on site at the debate venue would have been relatively low risk to Democrat staffers. We also know the president is only beginning to be mildly symptomatic as of today, so he could have been dosed as recently as Monday/Tuesday; we know the median time to symptoms is 4-5 days, with 95% of people becoming symptomatic within 7 days, so dosing or deliberate exposure at the debate venue is a possibility. We also know Melania Trump was with Donald at the debate venue, and they are rarely apart, which would also account for her exposure and similar timeline; she was likely in the room with him when it occurred, since otherwise her timeline would be 2-3 days behind Donald's. Dosing at a debate venue would suggest a state actor, not likely any actor within the DNC, so I think it's unlikely they were aware or involved. The question needs to be asked.

  8. It's sad to see people literally cheering that someone caught COVID.

    Guess we celebrate everyone catching it or dying cause it's the virus who could kill the Orange Man?

  9. My electrician who came today sarcastically said "It couldn't happen to a nicer guy" when I told him that the President had COVID-19, he also brought up the irony that "Trump claimed it was a hoax" and I almost told him to leave because I was offended by his disgusting attitude before he had a chance to start the job I had contracted him for. I had to take a moment and conceal my rage, I really didn't like his attitude and inhumanity. I find it so interesting that the President never claimed it was a hoax. Thank you, Tim for that. Fact checking like that is why I stay subscribed to this channel. Adam Cringler got me clicking on his podcast because he said you had been arrested. This was a lie. I noticed Adam's chat was full of people saying they were unsubscribing as I unsubscribed. He is a fool.

  10. at least fox news advertises their bias. the problem is where you have cnn that advertises unbiased and fair. when they are clearly just as liberal as MSNBC at least MSNBC announces their bias too. the right media isnt nearly as bias as the liberal media. they might exaggerate about nansi pelosi and adam schiff. however they arent making up clear lies like they are racists. the Democrats as a whole are doing scarey shit.

  11. I know "christian" Democrats saying he got it because he deserved it because of the "muh 200,000" belief and they hope he gets really sicks (they did stop before wishing him dead)…I'm sure they won't see the irony if they get sick or die from it themselves…positive energy.

  12. It's hard not to get angry when I watch "white man bad" theories being spewed like vomit from the mainstream. It's not even just that, everything these days is inverted and when you see it anger is the only thing you can feel. You and some other moderates have backed me off the edge though. Working on being more stoic and also maintaining my rationality despite the fact that we now live in such an irrational world. I don't think I'm in a position to fix anything anyways, just planning on figuring out how to shelter my family from all this… a van by the river is starting to look better day by day.

  13. Just because Trump and Melania tested positive, that doesn’t mean they have covid. Not only are there tons of false positives, but also the guy who created the PCR test said it should not be used as a diagnostic tool. People testing positive literally means nothing, especially when they are A symptomatic.

  14. Belive it or not, but Media in Germany is even more biased about the Potus than CNN. Lot of Germans are in Favour of the President and wishing Well to the Flotus and the Potus!

  15. If Bidens team tries to claim he got sick from Trump then that also debunks the whole social distancing thing because they were more than 6 feet apart during the debate.

  16. its a giant sign that both he and his personnel are lacking responsibility
    lucky that he has a lot of personnel tracking his movements so that this can be traced properly
    he is old and overweight
    even generous he has 3% chance to die
    and thats not even accounting for both the physical and mental permanent damage this disease can do to even asymptomatic people

    masks work both ways, read the damn pamphlet, the billboards, the websites
    the info is out everywhere
    wear a damn mask you idiots
    yes it does more to protect those around you, but it also works to protect yourself
    its less about he wasnt wearing a mask, its about he and his personnel whernt wearing a mask

    mortality rate is still 10x that of the flue

  17. We have protocols if Trump drops dead right now and it doesn't mean the democrats win by default. They'll be up against Pence and I'll vote for Pence.

  18. Wow. I am amazed at Veryoriginalname98's complete lack of self awareness. How can he possibly be that blind? I truly must rethink many of my own assumptions about how totally played these people have become.

  19. I wouldn't put it past the Democrats to infect the podium with covid-19 at the debate to try to kill the President! Contact tracing test the podium!

  20. I didn't get tested (because fuck that), but I suspect it went through my town a couple weeks ago. I was achy, coughing, but no fever. I was fine as long as I stayed upright. Couldn't sleep much, though. When I lay down I started wheezing. About a week later, fine. Could've been regular flu. Could've been covid.

    But you want to hear a real conspiracy theory?
    Maybe they realize they can't beat Trump in an election, so they hit him with their biological weapon instead?