Trump Announces Action AGAINST Social Media Radical Left Bias As Feds Target Google With Anti Trust

Trump Announces Action AGAINST Social Media Radical Left Bias As Feds Target Google With Anti Trust. WSJ has announced that the DOJ may be about to launch an anti trust probe into Google over unfair advertising practices

Shortly after this news broke Donald Trump tweeted that they would be going after the radical left bias at big tech companies.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Chop Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/Google into multiple competing parts. This is what happened to AT&T because of its monopoly on telephone service (broken up into "baby bells"). This is the best way to keep this monolithic information control from eventually controlling society.
    Watch Westworld from HBO – It will give you a very good idea of centralized data collection on "citizens" is ultimately about. In the short term, it's about personal data for commercial purposes. In the long term, add in the AI deep learning…

  2. Just shared your video on the NJ mail-in voting and the judge who ADMITTED to falsifying votes for Dem candidates for cash.
    Youtube and Facebook's response to the sharing of this video to Facebook? "Restriced mode only"
    Can't click and watch the vid in Facebook. Must watch at Youtube and logged in to "restricted mode". I kid you not.
    I myself can't watch your video that I posted to my own account in Facebook. I'm wondering if all the other videos I've shared of yours are the same way.

  3. Its very fucking simple. Article 230 of the Civil Decency Act. Those who Say that it is a private company and they can do what they want Are correct. However, If you wish to remain a platform and not a publisher, Which in essence grants you protection from any foul play that your users might engage in, You have to abide by the expectations of article 230, Meaning a public forum without censorship. In essence if you want the protection of the government's you need to adopt its values which include but not limited to the 1st goddam amendment. Simple solution you revoke the protection of the government's if they want to act like a publisher and censor people, let them be treated like one.

  4. Hey Tim. The comment about liberals/Dems not helping anyone is false. They are going to extraordinary lengths to help themselves. Exclusively.

    Irony aside though, I wait for the day when politicians (on both sides) actually care about helping all Americans, over lining their own pockets. Yeah that day probably won't ever come, but a man can dream.

  5. Free speech is guaranteed in any public place. Social media is a place, virtual public space for citizens of America to share their opinions. The companies may be private but the contributors are not part of the companies.

  6. The radical left is just reacting, and one or other write fantasy about the end of conservatives. The truth is one: their source of money which was funneling tax money from federal governments is gone at important countries. It's just a matter of time before their machine is out of fuel.

  7. I'm bit confuced "oogle has removed my channel from google search" am I doing something wrong when I get twitter, instagram and youtube videos as result googling Tim Pool? Maybe I should reset my browser history?

  8. We should have free speech on social media platforms for the same reason that the government can impose anti-discrimination laws on every hotel, restaurant, and every other business that serves the public. If every other public-service business cannot discriminate, then likewise, neither can social media companies and banks (who have been cutting off gun shops and some anti-left organizations).

  9. Hahaha just had a thought, imagine data from star trek but his brain chip was run by Google ,, bias data ,, so many comedy episodes there good laugh…? sir the cling-ons are hailing us,, on screen, but like CNN when the cling-ons speak truth data starts fucking with the video,

  10. Trump may actually do something. The do-nothing Republicans will not. Force ur representatives to actually DO something other than talk.

  11. Welcome to Nazi America……this,is what you voted for and now you want to cry about it? You were being warned for decades!

  12. It had come to my attention today, I was debating with a friend over the BLM and I couldn't find that white people are actually 25% more likely to die in police custody than a black person. When I tried to find it all I could find were articles regarding white supremacy and why racism still exists not even relating to my search. I finally found it through the government census but before I could find the hard data I mostly found articles manipulating the data to make it seem black people were more likely to die in police custody as they compared it to the population (in and out of jail) as opposed to actually black people in custody. It's worrying especially as it affects all of us, I'm from the UK and I worry if Biden gets in office due to his soft approach on an ever more dangerous country (you know which). I hate how all my friends are ignorant about this and no matter what I say, if something doesn't fit their narrative (which they associate their identity with and create their 'ego') it threatens who they think they are, they would rather live in delusion than challenge their beliefs. I feel like I'm fighting a battle that has already been lost.

  13. Sorry Tim but big tech has to be broken up they are selling us out to China and helped the CCP controlled they own people and it looks like we are next and they hate freedom of speech . Those that are from doctors to help people it's pass time for them to go.

  14. The cable and wireless infrastructure, the physical infrastructure that the internet runs on is a public utillity, it is funded yearly to the tune of $2.5 billion a year of taxpayer money.

    These internet companies can be unplugged from the internet and the telecom infrastructure if they do not follow the constitution and federal law. This is made clear in case law circa 1930s when a telephone company shut off the phone service to a paying customer because they did not agree with his politics.