Trump Announces EPIC “Garden Of Heroes” As a Big F You To Antifa

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  1. ha ha Trump Love Americans Heroes, beacouse is a Traitor Himself,hi let are Troops Down by get them Killed by Russian Bounty Hunters over seas,the worst part is hi new about since Last years and keep Silence about,so was the other Traitor Moscow Mitch hi new about to, and hi never spoke about. no more Pain, no more Treason, Vote them all Out in Nov 3,and Vote for right person Joe Biden for President, and vote by mail

  2. I really hope he puts up a statue of Columbus in the garden. Columbus Day was made a holiday one year after eleven Italians were pulled from prison and lynched despite being acquitted of their charges. We don't have any heroic figures anymore since he's considered an evil monster now. It's a shame to see my grandma get so upset over it all.

    If the Garden is strictly for Americans, then I get not having him there, but hopefully his statues get put back up. Either way, I hope Frederick Douglass gets in there.

  3. I guarantee that Antifa would make an excuse for tearing down the Hachiko statue. They deserve to have their knees broken, and their bodies pissed all over for what they're willing to do.

  4. Before I’d even consider taking down statues, I’d have to know the history of the subject and the whole community should make the decision, not a discontent rabble the can find everything offensive. I’m not offended by the past. I am offended by barbaric behavior in our present. I approve of National garden if for no other reason than its a pushback on the barbarians

  5. 1:10 I think even if people dislike them they shouldn't come down in most cases…maybe put a little plaque nearby to explain why some dislike the statue and etc.
    (ALSO if the statues are PRIVATELY owned and on PRIVATE land I think property rights should TRUMP people's feelings)
    7:37 I have long since started reversing almost anything the left run MSM networks say about anyone not on the left, due to how they constantly misframe things.

  6. 4:50 Billy Graham? Really? The list is mostly fine, but Billy Graham?!? Will there be a Peter Popoff statue as well?

    8:12 We have memesters on the net to handle proper reactions to the left's craziness, Tim.

  7. This is so awesome! The best thing would be if Trump would hold his speech at the opening ceremony in front of Martin Luther King Jr. so you can see him in the background while the media calls him a racist!

  8. I wanna do a mini version of this in michigan. Ted nugent, bob segar, kid rock, some motown artists, and fuck it john doyle from heck off commie. To name a few michiganders that deserve a statue. None of them will be of our governors though. We havent had a good one as long as ive known. Maybe ill be the first good governor of michigan one day lol. A man can dream.

  9. Trump is such a character. Every few months he makes a decision that i vehemenantly hate only to make a decision a few months later i vehemantly love

  10. I want to see Samuel B Roberts there. He was so badass the ship they named after him died the same way he did: horribly outgunned and preventing the Japanese Navy from shooting up American ground forces.

  11. Tim, you should see Robert Barnes's rant about judges. According to him, you can tell a judges opinion based on who appointed them. Bush judges try to come with an compromise between the parties, Obama judges thing the law is generally less important than narrative, and Trump judges hate the system.

  12. "You got some conservatives, you got some civil rights people, you got some liberals." I'm pretty sure all the names I recognized for being politically active were either Republicans or before the Republican party formed.

  13. How far back do you go when returning stolen land to the original owners? I mean all land has been stolen multiple times over the centuries. Even when it was "bought" from Native Americans, they were screwed by the deal. At some point, you just say, here is where we are as a country, we will learn from our past, we will try to do better in the future….. What more can you do?