Trump Approval Largely Unchanged, Despite Claims to the Contrary

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  1. Keep dreaming – Trump won some swing states by 1/2 a point. Now, after he's been in office for over 3 1/2 years, we have virtually nothing to point to as any meaningful accomplishment, except the very recent diminution in work Visa immigration. Otherwise, unless you consider endlessly praising "black and Hispanic" job numbers while ignoring the demographic who actually put him in office – white, middle/working class people – he's done shit, and he will not garner the enthusiasm needed to win re-election, save an administrative paradigm change with the next few month.

  2. Please everyone get out and vote all demorats out of power in November.we can't get comfortable till after the election.Trump 2020.God bless America and Freedom.

  3. Biden will "Win", then be President less than 2 Years before being Impeached by the Democrats, so the Black Female VP can be President ("Reverse Apartheid" and Wealth/Property Confiscation will ensue shortly after). BLM and Antifa will be bussed into Republican Leaning Voting Stations scaring off Voters waiting in line. ANY mention if that and you're a Racist White Supremacist trying to suppress Blacks from Voting. USPS Mailmen will toss out Ballots in Republican Communities since Trump won't bail USPS out. Code Pink and Antifa will help the Mailmen. There's going to be MASSIVE Voter Intimidation, Vote Count Fraud and Vote Rigging in this Election. Deep State Operatives thought Hillary was a SHOE IN in 2016 so they didn't Screw with the Vote Count too much. THIS Year the Deep State is NOT Taking this Election for Granted. America is FINISHED!!!

  4. Give it up man. Trump is a mess. Biden is hardly that on the ball given, but come on, Trump has a mind and temperament of a 12 year old. You keep banging on about his long term plans!!! You know thats desperation rearing its ugly head when things have gone south. You rabbit on and on for years now about his plans!! Man you are blind as well as over-confident in your own ability to analyse. Its fun looking in every few months to see what rubbish you come up with to push your own agenda in the name of 'analysis'! So much fun. The best comedic channel save Fox and MSNBC. Had how so called new medic is just the same old same old plugging agenda these days. Sad but funny. Peace out.

  5. Real question how many people were truthful answering the polling questions? I'm sure there were a few afraid the mob might come & cancel their life if they said they'd vote Trump.

  6. Its ALL orchestrated folks. Farrakhan speaking to the world through FOX news? on the 4th of July? I wonder if Bilderberg discussed this? corporations trying to censor everything while removing all decent of the official narrative while destroying everyone that goes against them? The MSM going full Marxist Globalist and anti-American 24/7 and Anti-Trump who is pro-american? why do they hate him so bad? hmmmmmm

  7. The Moral to the story is the mainstream media are Terrorist, literally. The communication dept of the Terrorist. However the mainstream media is a great tool for observing the intentions or motives of the terrorist

  8. There are many Trump supporters who will never participate in ANY poll but will go to vote come hell or high water. Quietly seething but keeping our mouths shut until voting day. Our support for Trump has only strengthened but we will do our talking on Nov 3rd

  9. To the Dims, leadership is code for Waco 10.5 at least as far as the peaceful protesters are concerned. Of course by peaceful protesters they mean those who were protesting the lock down and are now pushing back on Antifa and their charming lap dogs in BLM.