Trump Approval Spikes to 45%

Now brace for debates!:


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  1. I don’t even know what Trump has to do campaign wise now. The left and their bullshit groups are all doing it for him. I have no idea what the dems are planning to do for Americans.

  2. Politicians need problems. Problems are good business. If you didn't have problems you wouldn't need a politician to fix them. Preachers try to convince you the world is full of demons and they offer you protection. Politicians do exactly the same thing. Given the opportunity to convince you there is a problem they can fix they will take it. They are actively worsening our quality of life, and Trump has actually tried to end wars like no one else would, I believe because he isn't actually a politician. This isn't how he's going to make himself rich. This is how he's fixing the world he and his family have to live in because no one else will.

  3. Democrats going to steal election thru the mail.. People caught in cemetaries photo grabbing names on tombstones of plausible voters who only died in last 7 – 10 yrs ?

  4. Few points here. I don't think the polls are accurately reflecting Trump's support because I think there are at least a few percentage of people who support him but don't want to be on the record for doing so (same scenario took place in '16 imv). Second, American voters are not stupid. They see evidence of Biden's mental decline and that will inevitably hurt him even with his own supporters because people will worry about their safety with a person with that issue in control of our overall security. Third, Biden has very little enthusiasm, even with his own supporters. His pitch really is I'm not Trump which is not enough to win. Obama won in 08 with more than I am not Bush. To win a first term you need some degree of enthusiasm and just don't see it for Biden. So, my expectation is Trump wins a second term with a similar group of states as took place in '16. I do though think there will be Democratic lawsuits and rioting as a result, unfortunately, and which will be bad for our country and democracy.