TRUMP-BIDEN Debate REACTION: Fauci, Masks, & Green New Deal!

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  1. Faucci is a damn liar. He could have said in the beginning to wear makeshift masks and cloth face coverings in the begining but he literally said that all face coverings can do more harm then good. This man is a fraud. He could have said that masks as far as we know dont help, but we are still researching ways they could be effective. I mean that right there was a definitive NO! Masks dont help. Months later YES! masks are life savers! Pathetic

  2. Hospital staff should be a priority as far as masks are concerned. THE supply chains are over seas. If doctors and nurses don't have masks they risk infection and could spread the disease to other patients.

  3. There are over 14 scientific research papers all saying the same thing. Masks do not stop or slow the spread of a virus including the CCP virus. Even the box that you buy your mask in says it does not protect you from viruses. So lets not believe the makers of the masks or the scientists who studied this. Instead let's trust Jimmy the idiot who keeps telling you how bad government is, but then tells you to give them complete control of your healthcare. LOL. Jimmy is the biggest idiot ever.

    The idiot Jimmy still tells you about the 200,000 dead. Which is a number that has no validity. The CDC revised the numbers and they listed 9,221 deaths from the CCP Virus alone. The other deaths in the list had 2.6 comorbidities and an average age over 80+. So if you had renal failure and the doctor gave you 1 week to live, then you got the CCP Virus and died in 1 week, they listed the death as a CCP Virus death. If you crashed your car and you head was smashed in but you tested positive for CCP, you actually died of CCP. They say this number is inflated by over 40%. Not to mention the 60% of deaths in senior care facilities, where democrats sent CCP Virus positive people so they could infect old people and kill them.

  4. I'm pretty convinced Biden'll win because of the proudboys' moment.

    I mean… At least that is voting for something. Still, I disagree Biden can be pished left. Even Kamala is easier to deal with, but Biden won't budge. He's just less of a fascist (while being a little bit one, as his crime bill proves).

  5. 4:20 that’s the sad reality of greedy American corporations outsourcing every damn job to cheap labor countries. It’s bad for them and it’s bad for us. There is no reason why we can’t manufacture anything here besides that; greedy American corporations seeking cheap labor. Willing to destroy other country’s economies, and leave us without in time of need, just to make more dough.
    Am I mad at Faucci or Trump for lying to us about risks and needs concerning masks? Idk- I am mad that they lied, but I understand why they had to. Not really the best time to come out and say “not to freak everybody out but decades of shitty trade deals and outsourcing has made our mega corporations even greater, and left us citizens without what we need to survive.”
    I mean- What would you do if people came and told you “look, we don’t have enough equipment for everyone. We need to keep the masses calm and make sure we have enough for workers in the field directly handling the pandemic patients.”? I would comply as well. Wtf else AT THAT POINT can you do? Not even the truth can help then!
    I do hate that Trump got rid of the pandemic response team. Great timing coincidence too. Though, I still don’t know what they could’ve done to prevent us not having enough masks. Cause frankly that should’ve been something they did already: stock medicine and equipment for a rainy day. Instead the plans were always to just go ahead and put in an order for some to China. I can kinda see why Trump found them useless.

  6. Considering people were hoarding toilet paper for no reason, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Heath authorities to surmise the public would do the same with masks if they were told that masks were helpful.

  7. Isn’t it crazy?! Biden can’t attack Trump on basically anything.
    Children in cages: Biden and Obama built them.
    Police brutality: Obama militarized them.
    Wars: Obama kept Iraq and Afghanistan going and started 3 more and now in the 21st century once again slaves are being sold because of those wars he started. And Biden says the MIC will get even more money for wars.
    Climate: Biden plans to bring back some Obama era regulations which weren’t good enough even back then. But no GND. Just more fracking.
    Healthcare: Biden says he’ll veto M4A. Then he’ll likely blame Republicans for not cooperating and guess what? Ppl will believe it!
    Biden can’t attack Trump on much of anything related to morals or respecting others, especially women.
    Biden can’t say shit about Trump being racist cause he is too.
    Biden can’t say shit about Trump and his family being shady and making money off public office because he and his family do too.
    Biden shouldn’t be saying shit about Russia because his own son makes Russian money but wtf else can he possibly talk about? ?
    At least that while Russia thing will forever remain a mystery rug under which all kinds of crap can be swept.

  8. Jimmy my boy, name a single reputable scientific body that will stand behind the efficacy of mask wearing against a respiratory virus.

    Masks are nothing but a weapon of mass submission promoted by big corporations making record bank off this scandemic.

    According to the CDC and Dr. Fauci himself the normal flu has a mortality rate of .1 per cent.
    Covid19 mortality rate for children .00003
    Covid19 mortality rate for old people .05