Trump & Biden Final Debate: The Craziest Moments & Reaction | DIRECT MESSAGE | RUBIN REPORT

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report gives his final presidential debate reaction. He gives his thoughts on all the best and worst moments of President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. Held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and moderated by NBC News’ White House correspondent Kristen Welker, this was the final matchup between Trump and Biden. Dave gives his take on the wins and misses of both presidential candidates and if he thinks this will have any impact on the mysterious “undecided voter” and if we are all doomed.


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  1. As someone in a 'leftist bubble' which is true.. all the news i get is mostly based on algorithms which predict what i want to watch on here. I like Rubin, he's a pro-trump voice with some reason and puts forward good arguments on trump support. and in my position its very easy to demonise a voice akin to his. however, i do want to argue against a comment he made, he said that trump is the only defence against the big tech companies.. i want to know why Biden would offer less protection, given that regulation of big tech/big data is in its early years, than trump would. I feel that Trumps main thrust is based around de-regulation of big business, so to my mind trump would be the larger risk.
    i made a comment before about how i dont understand how someone could vote for trump, despite not liking the radical left or Biden's policies. I feel that Trump fanning the flames of racism and blatant disregard/misunderstanding of climate change is the far greater evil.

  2. If you have the chance Google Melbourne lockdown, we down here are in the toughest lockdown in the world since COVID started and guess what? Australia is in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Our premier (similar to your governors) lockdown the second biggest economic state and refuses to return open and businesses are shutting forever now. Though the government has been funding job keeper, job seeker which is paying people roughly $1500 AUD, and giving businesses financial assistance it’s still not helping.

  3. Dave, if you want to engage in the "Reality War", you might want to look into Jesus Christ and what He was all about. Maybe you already have… but IMO, He was and IS the OG of that war.

  4. Great show. I hadn’t thought of things with this perspective and I feel like I’m having an a-ha moment even as a die hard Trump supporter!! Keep up the great work!!

  5. I fear that with all of the altering facts or just plain lies (coming from both sides) which is heavily left it will cause a strong call back for conservative values. You go to far one political way or the other there is a self correction society goes through. Heavy and quick changes are always painful. You can say the left or right is wrong but the numberous standing in the middle think both are wrong. Keep it up until it becomes intolerable and those staying quiet will pick a side and it will come swift and go to far in it's methods to just make it stop. Yes, sounds like a whole bunch of crap and I hope it is.

  6. Trump is the man on the ground.. he is not all talk, hiding in the basement.. He is full of energy and passion.. America need Passion and energy to come out of the epidemic.. America needs Trump.. Trump2020.

  7. My exact thoughts are about fighting for reality. It is almost like a science fiction movie. Im a Kiwi living in Australia. I am living in the state where "Chairman Dan" is in power!

  8. Trump is like an onion you keep peeling and peeling and crying and eventually you get to middle and it ain’t that bad. I warmed up to Trump over the 4 years!

  9. I suspect “Chaz,” “Defund the Police,” CRT, etc, matter to moderate democrats more than they feel they can say publicly. It also doesn’t hurt that conservatives have lightened up on the private adult sexuality and the drug war.

    Drink: organic apricot ale

  10. Who cares what Dave or anyone else is eating or drinking??? I thought it was very strange the 1st time Dave went on about drinking whiskey, he sounded like some kid showing off or Liz Warren having a beer, but now it seems it's a feature? I like Dave for many reasons but care nothing about what or if he drinks! I like his guests and that he's reasonable n straight up (was going to say straight but that just didn't work lol).

  11. I believe the riots were worst because rides and streets were empty and people were idol and not in school or working. Some were on unemployment yet free to go out and loot and riot. Business’s were closed. If people were in the businesses I do not think as many would have been burned. And many stores would have had night workers which may have deterred looters and stores being burned. Like target and other stores.

  12. The shutdown is far worse than any virus could ever be. I live in NY . I see protestors being given a pass. I see Jewish people being pointed out, photos posted up and being mistreated by Cuomo and DeBlasio. I see the NYC, that I have known and loved for yesrs looking like a shell of itself. Then I read pundits mentioning how festive outdoor dining is for them. It is not festive, when I know 100s of thousands are not making a living due to some stupid shutdown. I saw a man pulling his pants down right in the middle of the street. People are defecating and commiting violent crimes. How is this in anyway festive? Everything is a hassle. If I want to rent a space for an hour to do a coaching session, I must take off my shoes, have a machine wrap my feet with blue booties, get my temperature taken and sign a waver. I drove by a Crossfit gym today, and it is boarded up. To hear The Democrats in NYC talking about this, they think it is so wonderful that people were working out at The Park all Summer. I signed up for a couple of these classes, and yes they were fun. However, Summer is over now. This seems like one big game to me. Biden talking about The Green New Deal is particularly scary to me. How many people will lose their jobs? 100 trillion dollars to outfit houses and buildings across the nation to comply with this plan. It is insane. We cannot go on like this, as a Nation. Democrats have become very racist, and extremely out of touch wit reality. Maybe, it is their big plan to have us all standing in bread lines, after a lot of us kill each other off.

  13. Biden may not have stumbled on words but he still said some really off things, like he was really confused on the minimum wage thing. He started going on about helping businesses. He said 200k more deaths by The end I of the year. And he was confused on the climate stuff . First he said zero emissions by 2025. Then later he said by 2035. Neither is reasonable with out destroying the entire economy.